Good day to you, Sir. Madam. Persons of undetermined gender. Hey, we’re all friends here, it’s all gravy.

So. To make a really really long story short (if you want the long version, well, stupid you, but it’s here), I’m Bri.
I like food. A lot. More than would probably be considered healthy.
I eat to a highly uncomfortable level of fullness on a regular basis.
I don’t grasp the concept of enough or calorie counting or you should drink that foul tasting wheatgrass because I heard it’s good for you. Screw that, life is short, and if it tastes good, eat it.
I cook. I don’t necessarily profess to be the best, or the most innovative. I occasionally burn things (and myself), or get stuff wrong. But I try, and that’s the important part.
I’m not a food photographer, or a food stylist. The food I make and feature here, I am going to be eating once I stop taking pictures. I’m a little less fussy on how it looks, because, lets be honest, home cooking never turns out like it does in pictures.

Some links that I find helpful include:
Converting American ingredients into their Australian counterpart
Converting weight/temperature
If, like me, you didn’t read the recipe properly and need to substitute something
You need inspiration
You need something that grows around Perth, and don’t want to pay for it

I’m rather friendly, so feel free to leave me comments. Please. I’d like that very much. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, right?

Right. Think that’s about it. Let’s get to it, yeah?

Bri xox


4 thoughts on “Housekeeping.

  1. Tracey says:

    Fantastic blog!! Have tasted the blueberry & lemon pie bars first hand from Bri at work, and they were to die for. Drooling at the moment, just thinking about them! Keep up the good work! Tracey xxx

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