Life choices, death, and deep fried sushi.

I’m a desk eater.
This is in no way related to being a window licker. Nor does it imply that I’m one of those people who eat weird things, like bikes or lightbulbs. I just consistently eat lunch at my desk. I don’t unwind in the kitchen, or stop in a nice café for a leisurely bite. Outside, grab something, and then back to my desk. This makes for a keyboard full of crumbs and my co-workers experiencing what an ungraceful eater I am, which probably isn’t a good thing. Sorry team.

One of the perks of working in the CBD is that there are a plethora of places to grab lunch. You’d think it would make deciding what’s for lunch easier.
It doesn’t.
The debate begins around at 10am. The email goes out, “What are you having?”
Don’t laugh, lunch is a serious business. Too many carbs, and you get sleepy mid afternoon. Not enough food, and you risk hunger-pain induced rage. It’s a delicate balancing act.

Which leads us here.

Iku Sushi on William St does all things Japanese for lunch. Your standard teriyaki, sushi in various forms, bento boxes, udon. Then, they throw you a curve ball. Red bull jelly? Sushi sandwiches? Yeah, that’s happening.

The staff, who posses a Boost Juice level of peppy energy and are actually wearing ninja outfits, are happy to answer questions, and are frankly delightful. The walls are littered with ninja throwing stars, and it’s decked out in Japanese kawaii fare.

I decided to investigate the whispers I’d heard around town. A creation steeped in legend.
Cheeseburger sushi. That’s right, you heard me. Cheese. Burger. Sushi.
These crazy cats have created what some may say is an abomination. I say, delicious. Beef and cheese, wrapped in seaweed, rolled in rice, then battered and fried, resulting in gooey, melted amazingness.

I might have also come back with a Peking duck bento box. And it was delicious.
If it helps, I promise, I didn’t eat everything. I can put away food, I have mad skillz. I’m yet to finish a serve of cheeseburger sushi.

I’m not going to lie to you.
Cheeseburger sushi firmly belongs on the ‘sometimes food’ or ‘things to eat after spending a school night at the Leederville Hotel making bad life choices and still had to go to work and now I want to die’ lists. I’m also pretty sure I started to feel my arteries hardening.
Bit of a double edged sword, really. Things to try before you die. Though, might have thought I was having a heart attack, so it may just kill you anyway.
Totally worth it.


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