Friday night’s alright for eatin’

There is a line for twirled, fried potato on a stick, 15 people deep.
For bratwurst, 8 people deep.
I’ve written off getting near the satay sticks for a little while, with so many people milling around.

Let me get this out of the way right now. I love my job.
The thing is, I get yelled at for a living. It’s a special kind of nuts that can tolerate that kind of environment. Lucky for me, I’m all kinds of crazy, so I can deal. But after a long week at work, it gets to you a little.
Luckily, food is my happy place, and on a Friday night, there’s no happier place on Earth than Disneyland the Perth Hawkers Markets, located in Forrest Chase.
Running until March, every Friday night from 5pm – 8pm, it’s a great event for families, foodies and well, just about anyone.

There is food everywhere. Traditional foods, cooked by traditional methods. Satay sticks being fanned on hot coals, Moroccan tagines, Paella in pans that are bigger than my car.
Next to a stall repping goods from Romania, are rows upon rows of French macarons. Next to that, Turkish gozlemes. There’s little that isn’t represented here.

I’ve been looking forward to this all day. Empanadas from Marcelita’s Empanada stall sells out, so I make sure that’s where I make my first stop. Crispy fried pillows filled with pulled pork, beef or potato are on offer, gluten-free and served with guacamole or chili salsa. Colombia’s finest, right here.

After that, Red Hot Spatula is offering up pork belly soft tacos, vegetable spring rolls noodles and Vietnamese inspired chicken salad. I can’t say no to pork belly in any way, shape or form, so I help myself to a couple of the best tacos I’ve ever had. No, really. SO. GOOD.

To polish it off, Polish donuts filled with jam. My eyes are officially bigger than my belly.

Whoever said multiculturalism doesn’t work, my stomach begs to differ.
I 120% recommend that you come and check it out.


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