You can’t mastermind a watermelon catapult on an empty stomach.

In my humble opinion, breakfast is probably the greatest meal of the day.
It can be eaten at any time post waking up, regardless as to whether that’s 3am or 3pm. Sweet? Savoury? Fried? Fresh? Champagne? Vodka? Coffee? It’s all on offer. Does lunch do that? No. Dinner doesn’t come to the party either.

After dragging my bestie out to the markets in Morley (and her in return dragging me out of bed at 8:30am to do it), all that veggie shopping (by ‘veggie shopping’, I mean evil-masterminding what kind of havock we could create with the giant 4 kilo watermelons they were selling and some kind of catapault. You can’t tell, but right now I’m steeping my fingers like Mr Burns. Exxxxxcccccellent) had worked up quite an appetite in both of us.
Breakfast was on the cards.

Having spent a fair amount of time recently in Northbridge checking out the night markets, Chinese New Year celebrations, and generally scoping out the awesomeness that is William Street, I knew that Little Willy’s was the place I wanted to be.

A tiny little space full of charm, we slid into the table by the window to watch all the people go past.
Nic and I don’t waste much time ordering. We’re easily pleased folk. The waitress who takes our order adorably ends every sentence with ‘Darling’, and apologises profusely when she tells us it’s cash only.
After placing our order, we peruse the newpaper, coo over the rockin’ kid at the table next to us who’s very well behaved and playing with dinosaurs, and debate how we’ve made it this far in life without a giant wooden moose head…
Answer: We’re not sure, but deem this should be rectified immediately.

My coffee arrives very quickly (always a good thing, I’m the Devil when under-caffinated).

Not too long after that, Nic’s orange juice and my apple, lemon and mint in all their freshly squeezed, delicious glory appeared.

Then… Nothing.

About a half hour after our juices, breakfast finally arrives.
I’m not sure what the delay was…
However, biting into it… All was forgotten.

The perfectly toasted bagel, with just-runny fried egg, crispy bacon and a touch of tomato relish brought me an unnatural amount of joy.

Nic’s poached egg on sourdough with avocado was met with a side of possibly the best butter browned mushrooms EVER.

Ultimately, the experiance was a happy one, and I’ll be back. Soon.


One thought on “You can’t mastermind a watermelon catapult on an empty stomach.

  1. I enjoyed reading this review, I have to say that i saw the subject and wondered what this had to do with the review and if i am honest i still don’t really know.

    It was a fantastic review though.

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