Local lovin’


[loh-kuh-vawr, ‐vohr]


a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally, usually within 100 miles of home.

There’s a rather handsome man standing on my doorstep.
I’m beginning to regret still being in my pajamas. At 2pm. On a Saturday.

This is awkward.

His name is Paul. He is the founder of Urban Locavore, a local business that specialises in selecting a heap of amazing local produce, packaging it up in a lovely box, and delivering it to your door. The produce that gets delivered varies from month to month, costs $49.95 with a $5 delivery fee.

Talking to Paul, it’s hard not  to get caught up in his passion for the produce. It’s infectious.
The idea is one that he picked up while living in San Francisco, and brought it home to adapt to an Australian market.

‘Locavore’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2007, essentially describing a movement of sourcing food locally that hasn’t had to travel far to get to market. It’s a good movement, supporting local businesses, farmers and producers. Everybody wins, huzzah!
Don’t get me wrong, I love French foie-gras, Belgian chocolates and Mexican tequila as much as the next person. Actually, I take back the tequila part. Chocolates yes, tequila, no. But I love doing the right thing by the WA economy more, and supporting the local guys who do such good work.

I stumbled across Paul and his vision on Twitter at the end of January on a recommendation from fellow foodies who recommend him with a religious fervor. So, I eagerly for his announcement of The February Box.
And I genuinely love every single thing in it.

I’m not a huge cheese lover, and goat has been exiled from my diet since my brother outgrew his dairy allergy as a kidlet. But my goodness, the goat feta from Ringwould is gorgeous. Perfect in Sunday’s baked eggs.

The porcini risotto mix from  Three Birds would make a perfect base for my creamy brie and mushroom risotto. Just sayin’.

Honey from Elixir… Once I stopped eating it from the jar, you mean? It goes in everything. Asian marinades, dressings, on yoghurt… It’s perfect.

Green ginger sauce from Pippali goes beautifully with simple white fish, Asian dishes or with those tortillas that everyone is going crazy for. It’s got a kick, though, be warned.

Finger limes are an Australian native fruit which, in all honesty, I had never heard of before. Shaped akin to a chili, but feeling and tasting like limes; the surprise is that inside, it’s like lime juice caviar. Seriously.
I used them to decorate lemon curd tarts, but Paul said he put it in his beer. Versatile, and worth picking up.


And then, the treats. Macarons from Maison Saint-Honore, dark almond and orange chocolate from Whistler’s Chocolate Co and red sparkling grape juice from Voyager Estate. All amazing. I refused to share any of it with anyone.


Urban Locavore is a great way to dip a toe into the growing WA food scene, and a great idea as a gift.
Do yourself a favour and say hello to Paul.
Though perhaps don’t wear your pajamas.

(Just to cover all of my bases, I paid for the box, these are genuinely my opinions, there’s no John Laws style cash-for-comments here. More importantly, no one would want to pay me!)


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