Snags. Not just for new age guys.

There’s nothing more quintessential than an Aussie barbecue. $2.50 from the sizzle out the front of Bunnings on a Sunday. Difficult to get wrong, and always a favourite.

Sausage. Bun/slice of wondersoft. Onion. Tomato sauce. One wonders how you can improve on a favourite?

Leave it to Justin Bell and his newest venture, Snags and Sons.

Justin, of Jus Burgers fame, has taken the humble hot dog and made it worthy of a meal.

It’s genius, when you think about it. There’s so much more to sausages than the thin, flavourless, made-of-god-knows-what cased sausages from Coles. But a good chorizo, braturst or kransky? Something that we line up for miles at markets or street festivals. So take that sausage, encase it in bakery quality breads. A lashing of sweet caramelized onions. Relishes, chutneys, sauces and mustards. Additions like brie, peppers, rocket or pickles. You’ve turned a backyard snack on its head.

Justin has long championed local produce with Jus Burgers. Everything fresh, all the time. It seems that Snags and Sons is no different, with sausages sourced locally and wherever possible, free range, organic and approved farming methods. Sweets are supplied by Rochelle Adonis, Perth’s dessert queen. Salads and sides are prepared on site.

So, on a Friday night after a hectic working week, I called in.

The table in the corner is surrounded by blokes ready for a night out, the waitress weaving about customers, offering menus and seating those who opt to dine in the small but cozy interior. The chefs were perfectly happy to answer my questions, offering suggestions as there are many options to chose from.

I opted for the Traditional sausage (caramelized onions and ketchup in a baguette) and North African lamb (harissa yoghurt, red peppers, honey, rocket in a baguette).
My standing notoriety of being a little greedy aside; I could quite happily eat a dozen of these things. Harissa can have quite a bite if used liberally, but paired with the yoghurt and lamb gives beautiful warmth to the tongue. Peppers sweeten the deal, and rocket gives additional bite. Perfectly balanced on the palate.

The Traditional sausage is in no way the most exotic thing on the menu. But, the basics are the best place to test the skills of any kitchen. And it was good. Promise.

Snags and Sons is worth a visit. It’s worth several. If for no other reason but to support those who support local providore. However, that’s not even close to being the only reason. It’s good, simple food, done well.

What other reason do you need?


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