I need a favour…

Hi team!

I don’t mean to bother you, but I have news!

I’m up for the People’s Choice Award as part of the Best Australian Blogs 2012, thanks to the Sydney Writers Festival.

People's Choice Award

You can click on the pretty button above, or here if you’d like to vote for me. I’m on the first page, towards the bottom as ‘eatmeetswest’.

Should you require some pursuading, I’ve put together a few reasons why you should vote for me:


  1. I’m up against people from Sydney and Victoria. Beating their smug faces at anything is the most satisfying thing ever *cough* AFL *cough*
  2. For many of you, I’ve made you things. For those of you that I haven’t, if you vote for me, I could!
  3. I burnt/cut/bash/generally injure myself, all in the line of food and entertainment. Let’s be honest, people hurting themselves is hilarious. I’m prepared to take one for the team.
  4. Due to having the athletic prowess of a sloth, winning things was never my strong point. Nursing the wounds of sucking at sports is probably why I eat so much cake.
  5. As a supporter of the Perth food scene, I attend your events. I support them. I buy your wares, I tell my friends and readers. I’m not trying to guilt trip you (I’m totally trying to guilt trip you. From a place of love). It’s a happy, supportive circle!

You don’t have to be Australian to vote, so my lovely readers in Qatar, South Korea, Italy, The Maldives, Sri Lanka and the US and UK (and everywhere else), vote away. Trust me, I have no idea why people want to read me. But thank you a million times for reading and generally being the lovely people that you are! I deeply appreciate you all.


4 thoughts on “I need a favour…

  1. littlepieceofpie says:

    Voted … I love reading your blog, you wrote so well, it makes me smile! Not to mention the scrummy food.

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