Tomorrow is May 19.

Not too long ago, I was asked to chaperone (read: babysit) a friend’s boyfriend on a trip to the supermarket. He had been tasked with making cauliflower cheese. He was a 26-year-old engineer. Who didn’t know what cauliflower was.  Needless to say the rest of the trip through the supermarket didn’t go well, as the only thing he knew how to find was Coke and garlic bread. Seriously.

I’m aware that I’ve had a very lucky upbringing with food. I’m also aware that not everyone likes everything. But to not know what a common vegetable was? I was completely gobsmacked.

Turns out, this is a little more common than you might imagine. Kids growing up who can’t identify that milk comes from a cow. Don’t recognise vegetables. Who will not eat anything that doesn’t come out of a carton or a paper bag. Ask your friends who are teachers just how horrifying school lunchboxes are.

I love a sneaky take out as much as the next person. I’m the first one to beg for a bacon and egg mcmuffin if I have a hangover. But that’s not a way to eat. Every. Single. Meal.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is May 19. Food Revolution Day.

It’s a concept being championed by Jamie Oliver. You don’t have to like Jamie to get behind this one.

We all know the stats about obesity, heart disease, diabetes. We also have been hearing the stories about the terrifying things that Americans are having their food filled with (pink slime – sounds delicious). It’s real, it’s serious, and it’s actually going to kill you.

Tomorrow. Visit your local farmers market. Talk to your local butcher. Go fishing. Make something from scratch. Anything. It doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or complicated. Teach your kids, teach yourself that you and your body deserves more than what a deep fryer can give you.

Damn the man, save the Empire!
But make ‘the man’ food corporations, and ‘the Empire’ yourself. You get what I mean.


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