Forewarned is forearmed

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger…

I promise, I haven’t just been lying in bed eating burgers. Actually, that happened a couple of times. BUT, I’ve made actual food too!

Coming up is TEXAS WEEK. Yes, it requires all capitals. Apparently, stuff is bigger in Texas. It’s a law.

There’s also the latest Clandestine Cake Club shenanigans, treats for those without a sweet tooth (it happens, I don’t judge you. Much) and one of my favourite recipes EVER.

I’m off to bat wine country. I’m road trippin’ to Margaret River with fellow foodies this weekend. I’m really excited for wine, new inspiration, wine and buying a terrible amount of things that I have no idea how I’m going to fit in my pantry. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram (eatmeetswest) for the goings on, Vodaphone network pending. And wine. Drunk tweeting is not recommended.

See you on the otherside…


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