Perth is awesome – Summer Edition

Ohboyohboyohboy! SUMMER’S HERE.

Are you familiar with Neil Gaiman? He’s pretty much one of my favourite human beings in the whole entire ‘verse. If you haven’t read his book American Gods, then we really can’t be friends. BUT. The point of my story is, he did a book reading recently and said this:

 “If your question is ‘how do I find adventure?’ The answer is: go out. Make it. For yourself and for others.”

Guys and girls, let’s be honest. There is nothing like Perth in summer. Beaches, bars, parks, sports, markets… In short, all the things you need to make your own adventure.

So, ladies and gentlemen, lets start crossing dates off your calendar. It’s going to be a long, hot and BUSY one.

  • First cab off the rank? The City of Perth’s Christmas festivities kick off Friday night – they’re turning on the Christmas lights with entertainment and general funness.
  • The Twilight Hawkers markets kick off Friday night in Forrest Chase – I’m heading in for my empanada fix.
  • THIS SATURDAY. Beaufort Street Festival. Go. Pick up a copy of Recipe and Ramblings, it contains a recipe from me! If anyone needs me on the day, I’ll be hiding in the cardboard box village.
  • On Sunday, check out Meet the Gardener for Perth Heritage Days. I’m off to check out Harold Boags Gardens in West Perth, beautifully cared for by Evan from Common Ground.
  • A fun run in santa suits? Yep, that’s happening.
  • TriFest West 2012 is on at Hilary’s Boat Harbour, a triathalon and multisport expo.
  • TEDx is on December 8 – come hear some ideas worth sharing!
  • Thursdays are no longer for wishing it was Friday, but the Subi Sunset Food Markets.
  • Tuesday sees the final for Fat Shan’s Open Mic Night. Local music – get on it.
  • The Mexican Film Festival is on. Chekkit.
  • Light Up Leederville is a festival on December 8, and it has EVERYTHING.
  • Yelp is offering FREE yoga classes in Northbridge.
  • On William are putting on another round of their popular Illuminites night markets.
  • Rooftop Movies need no introduction. I can’t wait to check out their program!
  • Sign up for the inaugural The Color Run – I have, god help me!
  • Test out your ability to multitask or balance with stand up paddle boarding – trust me, if I can do this, so can you. I love it!

As always, if you want to know what’s happening around town keep in the loop with: Yelp Perth, Six Thousand, We Love Perth, Show Me Perth, and your local councils.

What else are you looking forward to that’s coming up?

P.S. Thanks to those who entered my 15 Minute Meals comp, and congratulations to Stacey for taking it out. Happy cooking x


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