Language warning

In the tradition of Triple J: There is bad language comin’. It’s kind of necessary for the enthusiasm I have about this.

Oh my fucking god. Have you ever eaten something that sends your world spinning off its axis?

This. Here. Today. Now.

I know, I know. I get a little excited by things. I wax lyrical about how good things are. And I know that this is going to be a little bit of a leap of faith, because shit gets weird. I need you to stay with me here, because the results are well and truly worth it.

We put salt in caramel and chocolate. Pepper with strawberries. Fruit in savoury salads. We live dangerously with our flavours, and it’s all good.

So, imagine salty vinegaryness in a baked good. I know. Crazy, right? I’m talking leftover chips. In a cookie.

This recipe comes from Christina Tosi. Remember her? She’s the genius behind the Sprinkle Birthday cake I made back in September. This cookie here is one of her signature moves, and for good reason. It’s fucking awesome.

The best part is, no one will believe you that there are chips in there and no one will know if you don’t tell them. Unless they get a big chunk of the stuff, like one of the guys in my office did. He choked a little, and I did a really bad job of stifling giggles. But he’s ok, folks. Nothing to see here. I’ve made 3 batches of these for various groups of friends lately, and while they all thought I had finally fallen off the edge of sanity, they all lost their shit once they tried them.

I didn’t say I told them so. Actually… Wait. I did. BOOYA.


I have changed the recipe a little bit, simply to make use of what I had at home. You should do the same! Add crushed biscuits, or leftover chocolates. I do not suggest that you use twisties instead of the S&V chips though. While we are baking dangerously, lets not get stupid here. If you want to see the original recipe, it’s here.


Compost Cookies

Adapted from Momofuku Milk Bar by Christina Tosi

250g butter, at room temperature
200g caster sugar
150g light brown sugar
1 egg
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
225g flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon bicarb soda
1 teaspoon sea salt
¾ cup chocolate chips (I used mini M&Ms)
½ cup white chocolate chips
1/3 cups porridge oats
2½ teaspoons ground or instant coffee
2 cups potato chips (I used salt & vinegar)
1 cup mini pretzels

1. Beat the sugars and butter together in a bowl until fluffy. Add the eggs and vanilla, and beat for another couple of minutes.

2. Add the flour, bicarb, baking powder and salt, and mix until only just combined.

3. Gently fold the choc chips, M&Ms, oats and coffee into the mixture. Then, add the chips and pretzels, still folding gently so not to crush them too much.You kind of want big chunks of chip goodness!


4. Tip: An ice cream scoop is the perfect size for these bad boys. Scoop the dough into balls, and put onto a tray lined with baking paper. Put in the fridge for at least an hour. *WARNING* Do not bake at room temperature!


5. Heat oven to 190*c. The cookies spread more than you think – I was baking 6 on a tray at a tine so they wouldn’t crowd – give them a lot of space. Bake for 18 minutes, or until browned on the edge only. They will keep cooking once you take them out of the oven, and you don’t want them to be crispy.

This is what happens if you don't space them out

This is what happens if you don’t space them out

6. Cool on a wire rack before keeping in an airtight container. For the record, they keep for 5 days – but I’ve never known them to last that long.


Note: You know those times where you read a step and think, ‘I don’t need that’? Overnight marinating, or resting a cut of meat? We all do it. There’s no judgement here. But today, you do not know better than the recipe. Refrigerate the damn cookies. If they don’t work, and you didn’t do this step, it’s your owwwwwn fault. You don’t want that, because these are worth every single second.

P.S. What have you got on this weekend? There are so many incredible things going on! Fringe World, Perth Festival, Chinese New Year! Everything is exciting!


7 thoughts on “Language warning

  1. Cookie1 says:

    Do the salt and vinegar chips make the biscuit go soft after a day or so please?
    Your blog sounds awesome, found it in Fresh today and will be a follower!

    • It’s funny, none of them lasted long enough to really test the theory! I don’t think it would though, I think they’d hold their crispy texture.
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by, Cookie1! It’s a pleasure to have you 🙂

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