Wrap it up

It is important to reflect upon the highs and lows of the year. I think it has something to do with learning from one’s mistakes (ain’t no one got time for that!), and further relishing in the smug of one’s wins, which is probably more important.


I crossed beef tartare, tongue and bone marrow off my Culinary Bucket List. Turducken still remains. And just about everything here and here. Thanks, BuzzFeed, for ruining my life.

I was featured in the West Australian (thank you Max) AND Scoop Magazine (thank you Renee).

I managed NOT to set fire to my hair this year which, if you know me, is a triumph.


A new favourite word was discovered.

Several Democracy Sausages were devoured. I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as I am, but come on. Who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle? It’s the only good thing about voting.


I helped organise Eat Drink Blog, attended Gourmet Escape and ate myself sick at Darlington Estate’s truffle degustation.
Speaking of Gourmet Escape: the kindness of strangers. Thank you Emily for sharing your table with me, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. You’re lovely.


I attempted choux pastry and nailed it! At least, I did the second time. The first time was a spectacular failure. Though, even with my marinated-feta-and-caramelised-onion-filled puffs, I still lost the office bake-off. I KNOW, RIGHT. Hashtag jipped.

All crumpets, all the time. If you haven’t come to see Wade at Subi Farmers Markets, you probably should.

I discovered the magnificent wonder of Honey Cake. I’m utterly obsessed with the stuff, if you ever see it, you have to buy some.

Secret Cake Club. Where do I even begin with that? You guys are incredible. If you haven’t been before, 2014 is the time to get on board. There’s even one starting in Canberra!

I bought a LOT of books. My top 5, should you be interested, are:

  1. Smoke and Pickles – This is probably my favourite book of the year. I love the melding of Korean and Southern flavours, that are familiar and at the same time unthought of. Love love love.
  2. Sweet Tooth – Lily Vanilli is an unknown in Australia (she makes cakes for Elton. No big deal), but this gorgeous book is worth the purchase for her brownie pyramid recipe alone.
  3. Asian After Work – Adam is woefully underrated, and his second offering is beautiful and easy to cook from every day. I can vouch for this, because I ate from it every day for a week! If you didn’t get it for christmas, go buy a copy immediately. YOU’RE WELCOME.
  4. Momofuku Milk Bar – a couple of years old, but still bloody fantastic.
  5. L.A. Son – read not only for the recipes, but for his incredible life story. As good a biography as it is a cook book.

I bought a giraffe onesie. I regret nothing.

It’s been quite the year at eatmeetswest HQ (For the record, said HQ is really just a bed fort in my room. I’m still crowd funding a bat cave.), and I’m incredibly excited for the one coming.

What exciting plans or resolutions have you got in store?


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