What I Love – Yelp Edition

This year, I wanted to throw something a little bit different into the mix.

As a food blogger, I’m regularly asked where to go/what to eat/what’s new?
I relish this, because finally, the things I know have a practical application. Unlike the random collection of useless facts that clog up my brain (snails can sleep for 3 years without eating), which no one ever seems to ask me about.
Like anything though, my knowledge is limited to the places that I go and the things I’ve tried, which is only a small part of Perth’s rapidly growing food scene. Try as I might, I just can’t keep up!

So, in 2014, I’ve decided to enlist a little help from some incredibly awesome friends to tell you what they love. Because isn’t it always better to get a different perspective on things?

Fist cab off the rank is the gorgeous Laura Dew from Yelp Perth. Yelp is an online guide for everything in your city. Need a haircut? Dinner? Mechanic? Yelp, with the help of reviews from those in the community, has it covered. What I love about Laura is her infectious and genuine enthusiasm for Perth. You’ll see her out and about at community events and festivals, so definitely go say hi!

Yelp invites its Elite to special events - I got to attend Cavalia!

Yelp invites its Elite to special events – I got to attend Cavalia!

What I Love with Laura Dew

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Laura and I’m the Community Manager for Yelp in Perth. I seriously think I have the best job in the world, looking after all things Yelp related in Perth, both on and offline. I organise a heap of events for the Yelp Perth community, from Unofficial Yelp Events (UYEs), to Elite Events for our Elite Squad, to our spectacular Yelper Parties. They all involve incredible local businesses showcasing themselves to Yelpers for an evening. I do a lot of other things too, like write the Weekly Yelp and help business owners unlock their free Yelp business account.

Why Perth?

Where else?! I’m floored by Perth’s beauty and incredible lifestyle everyday. Plus it’s one of the most exciting times to be living in the city – it’s evolving at such a fast rate there’s always something happening or a new opening.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I’m looking forward to seeing lots more new openings in 2014. We’ve been so lucky the last year having so many new places to try, like Mary Street Bakery, Pleased To Meet You, Bread In Common, Enrique’s School For To Bullfighting and so many more. I think we’ll see a lot more pop-up bars and restaurants in 2014 too. I’m also looking forward to festival season; FRINGE WORLD and Perth Festival.

What would be your dream food day?

Hardest question ever! I’d probably have two dishes for breakfast – it is my dream food day after all! I’d have one classic healthy Australia big breakfast (poached eggs, avo, salmon etc) and a sweet dish too, waffles or pancakes. Then for lunch I’d like a sushirrito, I had one in San Francisco last year. It’s a burrito style sushi roll, check it out here. Trying to pick just one more cuisine for dinner is hard, it’d have to be Japanese, Thai or Italian. Maybe a bowl of ramen and a tempura udon dish, then for dessert a tiramisu.

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

I went to S & T Thai in Northbridge last night and shared a heap of dishes with Yelpers. I tried the green chicken curry, seafood pad Thai and also the red duck curry. All were fantastic, but the red duck curry took the lead with whole lychees and chunks of pineapple throughout.

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Vanilla extract is one I use a lot when baking. It makes everything more delicious!

Where do you love to go to eat?

This could be a very long list. I eat at Is Donburi a lot, their food is so reasonably priced and delicious. The teriyaki tofu is a favourite. I also end up at Hobart Deli quite a bit for brunch on the weekends. I often go to Smuggled Seeds Espresso in Leederville and enjoy their coffee and scrambled eggs for breakfast or their salads for lunch. The list is endless really!

Where do you love to hang out?

Northbridge and Mt Lawley is where you’ll see me most. I try to head to the beach as often as I can. I like walks along the coast and swimming at the beach with my fiancé and dog. I like to head to Mechanics’ Institute and The Bird when catching up with mates for drinks.

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

I am really enjoying making the most of all the outdoor cinemas during summer. There’s quite a few and each one is a unique experience in a special location.

Somerville Auditorium at UWA - via @jaxstar84

Somerville Auditorium at UWA – via @jaxstar84



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