What I Love – Great About Perth Edition

When I was brainstorming a list of people what I wanted to talk to for this series, I knew I wanted people who were passionate, full of knowledge, fun and enthusiastic about our great city. Sitting at the top of that list was the person I’m delighted to introduce you to today, the brilliant Renee from Great About Perth!

What I Love with Renee Bergere

Renee pic 2

Who are you/what do you do?

My name is Renee. Once a mountain-loving Seattleite, I’m now a proud, passport-holding Aussie (sans accent, unfortunately) living in Freo. I work at Scoop Publishing and wear a few hats: Deputy Editor and Food & Wine Editor of Scoop magazine, and Editor of Perth Guide. In my free time I do a bit of freelancing for Gourmet Traveller and update Great about Perth‘s social media pages. I’m constantly overeating and overdrinking, but I love what I do – regardless of how annoyingly fattening it is!

Why Perth?

Cliche alert: my husband is an engineer. We moved here in 2009 after a two-year stint in Melbourne where I did a masters in publishing. When I first arrived, everyone told me I’d hate it. So I made a concerted effort (and a blog) to focus on what’s actually great about this place. Turns out, there’s a lot!

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I’ve started this 365-day photo project which I’ve called #PerthyGreatness. It’s should certainly keep me busy in 2014! I’ve also got a few trips planned for the year. Visits to family in the States and Italy and, if the stars and schedules align, then a trip to Argentina too.

What would be your dream food day?

Growing up, my grandfather would take my family on fishing trips in Alaska each summer. So my dream food day would be spent catching, cooking and devouring king salmon, halibut and crab.

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

The first things that spring to mind are Must‘s incredible caramelised fig salad, The Public House‘s Dr Pepper Ribs and the Baharat Grilled Lamb Rump from Habitue. Restaurant reviewing does have its perks!

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Mozzarella di Bufala. You can’t find anything in Perth that even comes close to the deliciousness of the mozzarella made in Campania. Sometimes I dream of moving back to Italy just so I could eat it on a daily basis. My other current food obsessions are artichokes, fennel, dill, popcorn and fresh coconut.

Where do you love to go to eat?

My absolute favourite once-in-a-blue-moon restaurant is Restaurant Amuse. If I don’t feel like spending much, then the Bathers Beach Markets or anywhere Comida do Sul happens to be.

Where do you love to hang out?

Home – only because I never spend enough time there!

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

Succulents! I’m obsessed with them. I recently transformed an abandoned 144-bottle wine rack into a vertical garden filled with nothing but succulents. Then I topped it with pots of more succulents. I worry it’s a sickness. I’ve also recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon – yup, I’m officially the slowest adopter ever!


2 thoughts on “What I Love – Great About Perth Edition

  1. I love this. Great idea for a series Bri! Thanks for introducing us to the fabulous Renee… I’d agree with all of her foodie recommendations, love the caramelized fig salad from Must! I can also despair the absence of proper buffalo mozzarella here in Perth also. Sad times… but I guess it allows us to appreciate it more when we travel overseas 🙂 Love my city and it’s creative people. Can’t wait to read more of these posts, thanks Bri! xx

    • I adore Renee, she’s definitely the person you want to talk to if you need inspiration!
      I’m a tiny bit pleased there’s no proper mozzarella – simply because I would never stop eating it! Thanks for stopping by Laura xx

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