Taste Perth

I don’t love your standard food and wine festivals.

You know, the ones where people pay their $30 to get in, then go to town on the wine samples, completely forgetting the food section (eating is cheating, duh), then spend the rest of the day running into your ankles with prams. Why can’t you be charged with drink driving while operating a pram?

I had kind of sworn off food and wine shows simply because I couldn’t be bothered navigating the many drunken hoards. When I was invited to the Taste of Perth launch, I figured it was worth a look but had mentally already written it off.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to wholeheartedly admit that I was wrong. Taste of Perth is not your standard food and wine show.


First of all, it’s not a full day free-for-all. You book yourself in for either a lunch or a dinner sitting. From there, you pick from tasting menus, including mini versions of signature dishes from Perth’s leading restaurants, including Silks, Bistro Guillaume, Lalla Rookh and Greenhouse.

Bistro Guillaume's to-die-for lamb

Bistro Guillaume’s to-die-for lamb

The dishes cost between 6-12 crowns. What are crowns? Crowns are the currency of Taste of Perth. You load up a card with crowns (1 crown = 1 dollar), and then use the card to pay for whatever you eat or drink on the day.

Offerings from El Publico

Offerings from El Publico

Essentially, it’s kind of like a little DIY degustation, down on the river at Langley Park. What’s not to love about that? There are also a heap of producers to meet, classes to take and general cool things happening.

The ‘Taste’ food festival has been running around the world for over 10 years, in 18 cities. In Australia, it’s held in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart, with this year landing in Perth for the first time. If you need any further signs about Perth’s standing in the food world, this is it!

Lalla Rookh's panna cotta vera, aka my idea of heaven

Lalla Rookh’s panna cotta vera, aka my idea of heaven

What you need to know:
Date: 2-4 May
Buy tickets from: Here, with more info here
Website for further details: tasteofperth.com.au and your various social media here, here and here



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