What I Love – Peggy Saas Edition

It’s a commonly held belief that with any job, the best thing about it is usually the people you work with. Which would be fantastic, except blogging is a pretty lonely vocation.

I mean, there are certainly perks. There’s no one to steal your lunch from the fridge, Pinterest breaks are certainly encouraged and every day is Pants-Free Friday. But there’s also a distinct lack of team camaraderie when you’re the only person on your team. So what do bloggers do? We make friends with other bloggers, of course.

I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy at Eat Drink Blog 2013, albeit very briefly while madly trying to locate my lost phone and greeting attendees. She was so friendly and wonderful, and I wish I’d been able to spend more time chatting. But since then, I’ve basically stalked her work like a crazy woman, because damn, she’s good. Seriously.

Peggy’s blog is full of incredibly delicious, beautifully photographed recipes. It is definitely not the place you want to go if you’re hungry because it will ruin you and you’ll find yourself hunting down a 24 hour supermarket so you can make Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream at 11:30pm. I mean, not that I did that or anything.

She’s essentially what I hope to be when I grow up and become a real blogger, and I’m thrilled to have her here to share her work and things she loves with you. Say hello, team!


What I Love with Peggy Saas


Who are you/what do you do?

I’m Peggy, a Perth based photographer and food blogger. I take photos of beautiful things and thread words together about food. I started off photographing food for my blog cake crumbs & beach sand, but now find myself photographing people more and more.

You have so many things in the pipeline! What’s next for you?

Right now I am focusing on the business side of my photography with the intention of freelancing full-time. I am hoping to get into photographing weddings in the near future so am currently establishing couple shoots to get some practice. I am also working on a project to exhibit some of my work following my first showcase at RAW Perth last month. 

Website screenshot.27 PM

Why Perth?

My parents moved from Finland to Sydney and then wound up in Perth when I was 3 years old. I spent most of my 20s traveling and worked abroad, and honestly, I thought Perth was so boring back then. I hated coming back and only did so to see my family. Fast forward a few years (ok two decades) and I just love the place. I love the diversity, the amazingly supportive creative community and the fact you can drive anywhere within half an hour. In my 20s I wanted to live in Jakarta for its fast pace, the traffic would kill me now!  

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I had my first photo shoot of the year on the 1st of January, and decided on that day I was going to make this year big. I haven’t stopped yet. I am looking forward to a year full of photo opportunities, a full and abundant blog (which has lacked attention recently due to the increase in photography jobs) and my first wedding shoot in October. It’s going to be a good one! 


A photo from Peggy’s recent RAW Showcase

What would be your dream food day?

Waking up to a baked breakfast and really good coffee (two cups, I always have two cups), followed by brunch at Moore & Moore Cafe. Maybe then a hotdog at Run Amuk in South Freo with their delicious homemade lemonade, capped off with a seafood platter and cider at sunset. But if we’re talking about fantasy dreaming, a seafood feast on a yacht would do it.  

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

Bronuts from Wild Bakery. Have you tried those things? Deep fried, sugar-coated heaven. (note: these are Bronuts, and she’s not kidding. They will blow your mind.)

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Butter. I have it on everything and cook with it daily. I love the stuff. And no ‘lite’ version either, full fat and salted. YUM!

Where do you love to go to eat?

I love Fremantle at the moment. I used to prefer Mt Lawley and didn’t really get the fascination with Fremantle, but I am there now. As for local spots I love Ohnamiya in Applecross and have an obsession with the smoky mice at Clancy’s on Canning Bridge. 

Where do you love to hang out?

I love my ‘hood. Although I am a creature of habit with eating out and tend to gravitate towards the same restaurants near home, so I try to head out to other areas to try different places. I love King St. I was devastated when King St Cafe closed down, I used to spend many Friday afternoons there with my brother eating a lazy lunch with a good glass of wine. I am keen to check out the rest of King St as I know there are some amazing cafes to be tried, but my pining stage hasn’t quite ended yet. That’s the problem with having favourites, if they do close you’re left with a hole to fill. I’m sure with the abundance of amazing spots in Perth I’ll find some place else to love just as much soon.

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

I’m always finding new things to enjoy. Most recently I have found that although I hate public speaking I enjoy holding photography workshops. I also didn’t think photographing people would be my thing since I have always loved photographing food more, but I’m finding joy in the things I never considered before. That’s the fun part of being creative, if you put yourself out there you’ll usually be pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised.  

Are you as in love with her as I am yet? You can check out all of her magic here: website, food blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

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