What I Love – We Love Perth Edition

I’m not interested in famous people. Well, not mostly. I’m not so stupid as to turn away Hugh Jackman if he wanted to plait my hair, eat cookie dough and talk about feelings. But aside from just about every woman’s dream night in, I’d turn down coffee with a Kardashian for dinner with this woman any day of the week.

When I first started toying with the idea of blogging, I started to scout for ideas and inspiration. I tossed about ideas of a Perth-centric blog about the happenings and general goings on about town – and that’s when I found We Love Perth. I gave up my blog concept very quickly, because We Love Perth pretty much nails it.

About a year ago, I met Claire at  a dinner. Cue some serious fangirling, because ohmygod, she knows who I am. I mean, how does one person do all of this stuff? Who wouldn’t want to pick the brains of someone like Claire?

Well, today you do. You’re welcome. 

What I Love with Claire Trolio


Who are you/what do you do?

I run a clothing and gift store in Northbridge with my sister Isabelle, called Ruck Rover General Store. I also own and edit a website, We Love Perth, where we spread the word about the best things that Perth has to offer.


Why Perth?

I love our beautiful, sunny days and stunning landscape. I love that you can hop in a car and drive and drive and drive, and see such diverse things. I love Perth because I can fill my days with things like going to the footy, eating ice cream, reading outside, seeing the ocean regularly. And Perth is filled with friendly, talented people who are a pleasure to know.

What would be your dream food day?
I would say I’d begin with dim sum, but that replaces both breakfast and lunch, and my dream food day should have as many meals as possible! So… French toast for breakfast – eggy and salty. I’d eat it sitting on my back porch.
At lunchtime I’d head out. If this is the ultimate then somewhere overlooking the beach or the bush with pork belly or a crab pasta on the menu.
Ice cream for afternoon tea, of course.
For dinner, I’d like to go somewhere a bit fancy, where I get to put on a frock and enjoy good company and good wine too. Ideally, I’d like some Moreton Bay bugs on the menu for entree and something with marrow for my main.
After dinner I’d like to teleport to France for some of the best soft cheese, please.

Image: Ruck Rover Instagram

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

Ooh, I just had a long weekend in Singapore and my friends took us out to Grand Shanghai Restaurant. We had a sticky pork and water chestnut dish that was really amazing.

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?


Image: Ruck Rover Instagram

Image: Ruck Rover Instagram

Where do you love to go to eat?

My favourite restaurant in Perth is probably Tsunami – a Japanese restaurant in Mosman Park. I also really love Taylor’s Art & Coffee House in the Swan Valley for lunch. Must never lets me down – whether having a fancy dinner in the bistro or enjoying bar snacks in the wine bar, it’s hard to beat the food that’s served there. The Flying Taco for mid-week takeaway, Hawker’s Cuisine for after work dinners (they’ve now moved even closer to my shop!) and Mrs S for the best cakes ever. And I’m quite partial to a sausage roll from Tas’s Bakery in Dunsborough… but who isn’t?

Where do you love to hang out?

I love heading out of town, even just for day trips. I do spend a lot of time in Northbridge – shopping, eating, drinking, catching a show or seeing a band, it’s got it all.

What’s your favourite thing right now?

My friend gave me a new quilt cover and it’s AMAZING. I also have a new blanket. Life is good.

What inspires you?
Cut flowers in the house. A good cup of tea. Overgrown gardens. And business meetings with my sister (by which I mean, chatting to my sister, with snacks. Do not underestimate the power of snacks to inspire.)
What are you looking forward to in 2014?

This year I decided to schedule more downtime. I’ve finally come to the realisation that just because I love my job and I always have lots of work to do, doesn’t mean I should work everyday! I know, I know, other people have known this for years. Anyway, at the beginning of the year I decided to spend more time reading books, doing crosswords, watching television and generally just hanging out doing not much at all. I’m also planning a little trip up to Broome which is getting me quite excited.


2 thoughts on “What I Love – We Love Perth Edition

  1. I also love Claire’s blog. I didn’t grow up in Perth having moved here in my very late teens on my lonesome with my family remaining on the opposite side of the country. Year by year my love for this sunny city has grown such that after an undefined number of years (that I will not share as it shows my old age) I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. We rock Perth!

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