Head & Heart | August

I guess I should explain myself.

It’s been a long time between drinks for me here, and I definitely owe you an explanation as to where I’ve been. Life has been really really hard for the last 6 weeks, but I’m finally coming out the other side.

I heard about writing a Head and Heart post (created by the gorgeous Helen over at Helario) via my lovely friend Rachi, it sounded like a pretty excellent way to get everything out on the table, let you know what’s been going on.

What I’ve been grateful for

My lovely little flat. I found one! Jeebus, house hunting is a full time job. I’ve moved out to a little place with views of the city, all by my self. Is it weird that I’m really excited to be living on my own?


There’s a saying about it taking a village to raise a child. While I’m no longer a child (well, only a little), I certainly have a village of people who help take care of me, and I’m beyond grateful to them. My friends Marc and Louise have let me stay with them for the last 6 months while I got my shit together and found a new place to live. They are truly the best friends (family) anyone could ever ask for. THANK YOU.

Also, my folks for helping me move, which is never an easy task. They found me a fridge, hired a truck, and lugged all of my stuff up a flight of stairs. Best. Parents. Ever.

Having my own kitchen. I can cook stupid things (I have a recipe for deep-fried coke – who dares me?), whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s fantastic.


What I’ve been thinking about

Rocky Road. Who know that the ingredients for rocky road were such a contentious issue? So far the consensus is: No nuts, yes to marshmallows, gummy things and cherries, maybe for biscuit. Fancy rocky road is an entirely different thing, of which fresh cherries and raspberries and pistachios seem to be the go. Edible glitter is always acceptable. Now you know.

Being single again. After 3 years, it wasn’t working for us. And that’s ok and I’m ok. There’s absolutely no bad blood (we joke about being really bad at break ups, we like each other too much to get angry), and we are still friends. Now, I get to focus on the important things, like not wearing pants around the house and sleeping in the middle of the bed.

What I’m excited for:

September is an excellent month for me, and I’m pretty keen to dive into it!

My friend Bryton is hosting a Harry Potter Party. I have robes, glasses, a wand and an owl. EXCITED MUCH?! Seriously, you should have seen me when the robes came. There was a lot of jumping up and down and clapping like a seal. I’m a child.


I’m off to Brisbane for Eat Drink Blog later this month, with is pretty damn exciting! Not only do I get to catch up with many of the gorgeous bloggers that I met, but didn’t get to spend a lot of time with last year, but I actually get to sit back and enjoy the conference. I’ve also never been to Brisbane before, and there’s nothing I love more than getting to play tourist.

On my way to Brisbane, I’m stopping off in Melbourne for 24 hours to visit my gorgeous friend Natalie, and to eat a lot of doughnuts under the guise of “research”. Natalie is one of my most treasured friends, who gives the best advice, so getting to give her lots of hugs is always something I look forward to

And finally, it’s my birthday (one ridiculous birthday cake recipe, coming up!) to wrap it all up. I’m thinking about a dinner at The Old Crow with friends, and then a family dinner. Suggestions?

What I’ve been doing

Inspecting homes. Stressing. Moving.

The gorgeous team from Studio Bomba let me run a blogging workshop in August, which was insane. So much fun and only a tiny bit scary! I talked about all the things I’ve learned from you guys over the years, and it felt really good. Like, I knew what I was talking about. That is a strange concept to me. But I’d do it again tomorrow.


Watching: Criminal Minds (I heart Spencer Reid), Guardians of the Galaxy (Is anyone else confused by Andy Dwyer getting hot?!)

Listening to: Sassy women pop music. I wish I could blame this on the break up, but I really really love cheesy pop music, and I make zero apologies for it. So yes, I’m dancing in my kitchen to Shake It Off, Bang Bang, Chandelier, Can’t Rely On You and Come Get It Bae (Pharell isn’t a woman, I know, but it fits the playlist)

What I’ve been reading

This Buzzfeed list – I know it’s not real reading, but if you love Parks and Rec as much as I do, you’ll be in stitches.


What I’ve been spending money on

Ohmygod, So. Much. Ikea.

Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs at Sprolo in South Perth. So, so so so so so good.


And sammiches from Toastface Grillah, because comfort food. The steak one is hands down my favourite, and if you haven’t been, go. Now. Right Now.


So, tell me about YOUR month. Has it been good? Has it been rough? What are you celebrating?


12 thoughts on “Head & Heart | August

  1. What a heartfelt post this is. Hats off to you for doing all the positive happy things to keep your life moving forward. Life can sometimes put us in situations we don’t want to be in but it is on us to change those situations around. And more power to you girl for doing that.

  2. Yay thanks for joining Bri! Oh btw it’s Helarious he he, no biggie 😉 because you know… Helen + Hilarious ==> I’m soooo funny 😛

    Have you seen the new IKEA catalogue? It’s gorgeous! I’ve purposely been avoiding going to the shopping centre that contains the IKEA nearest to me to avoid spending!

    PS. Happy belated birthday!

  3. rachiperera says:

    I LOVE the positivity in your post despite the hard times you’ve gone through recently. You rock! 🙂

    Living on your own is THE BEST! It’s one of those luxuries that I appreciate every day and I’m sure you will too.

    Enjoy your 24 hours in Melbourne pre-EDB. Can’t wait to catch up! xx

  4. Can we start a Spencer Reid fan club? Or is there already one we could join?

    Also, so jealous of you EDB’ers – will be hanging out for any updates and try to trick myself that I was there too.

  5. I’m so nerdily excited for the Harry Potter party and Eat Drink Blog! I’ve only really been in touch people I met there last year via Twitter, so it will be nice to meet in person again 🙂

    Good to hear that you’re coming out of a tough time, and into exciting things for this month.

  6. I love the monthly Head and Heart series because I get to stumble on to lovely blogs like yours! It sounds like you’ve been through a real life changing event and come out the other side stronger. Major high fives to you Bri.

    After reading through those Andy Dwyer quotes and laughing myself silly I had to go back and watch a few Parks & Rec episodes – that show never fails to lift my mood. Also raising my hand to join the Spencer Reid fan club pretty please. Swoon…

    Have a great time at EDB!

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