What I Love | Coogee Beach Fitness Club Edition

There are some people in this world that are just born to do what they do.

To say that the guys you’re about to meet are passionate doesn’t quite cover it; it’s almost too clichéd. But for them, it’s in their blood. They live and breathe this stuff, and you can’t help to be caught up in their infectious joy. Yes, even me, the lover of deep-fried mac and cheese and general slothfulness, comes away from talking to the boys wanting to go for a run.

I’m very pleased to introduce you to Jason and Dylan from Coogee Beach Fitness Club. The boys have been very good friends of mine for a very long time, and I couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve built.

Hell, if my gym had a view like theirs, I might actually go!


Seriously. This is their view.

The team also have some great stuff in the pipeline. Coming up is their 6 week summer body program, of which you can find details here.  If you’re a Yelp member (and you should be), September gives you the opportunity to attend a FREE mobility, muscle tension release and self massage workshop (the details here) AND there’s also 1 month free on memberships for the gym. How good is that?!

What I Love – Coogee Beach Fitness Club Edition


Who are you/what do you do?
We are Jason Lim and Dylan Kvas-Rothwell, Exercise Physiologists (Injury management specialists) who use our knowledge of injuries and rehabilitation to train and coach individuals and athletes through their programs to maximise performance and minimize injury risk so that they can attain their goals as fast as possible. Other than that we are just two friends who want to share our passion for fitness, fun and life with those around us.

Jason and Dylan

Why Perth?
Jason – Perth is and forever will be home. After spending the last few years travelling around Europe, America, South East Asia and Canada, including growing up for a few years in Singapore and spending a year in Canada, you realise how relaxed and comfortable it is to move at your own pace and Perth really allows you to do that. If you want the hustle and bustle you can find if you really want to, but if you wanted to sit back relax and enjoy the beaches and scenery you get that too. As far as things to do in Perth, the city is really picking up its game in terms of culture with art shows, restaurants, bars and food festivals.

Jason Lim

Dylan – The longer I live in Perth the more I want to stay here for life. I most definitely want a few more short and extended travel plans but I am quite certain I will always come back. Our beaches, food (not how much we pay for it though), all round weather and just good people everywhere. There is just such a good spread of everything but at a slower intensity than everywhere else, and that sits pretty well with me.

Dylan Kvas-Rothwell

What inspires you?
Jason – my parents for one, they have always lived their lives according to how they wanted, money was a beautiful side product of them following their passions, they made sacrifices where they needed to as responsibilities required, but never at the expense of their own happiness or that of my brother and I. Dylan is another, his outlook on life, always looking to the future with enthusiasm and energy pushes me to do more and be better, couldn’t think of a better person to be in business with. Together they have taught me to be self-reliant, to follow my passions and to find a way to mix work and play together and get the most out life. This outlook has allowed me to work multiple jobs as a ex. phys. whilst travelling the world and eventually led up to opening up Coogee Beach Fitness Club with Dylan.
Dylan – That is a tough one when you ask it so simply. I will come from a ‘who’ perspective first; a lot of people in general inspire me but I have to say that kids inspire me the most. I am lucky enough to work with some of the most inspirational little kids (some with disabilities and some not) and their outlook on life, way of conducting themselves with such a constantly positive outlook no matter what is going on behind the scenes. Jason and Nathan (the business partner) inspire me constantly in different ways. Jason with his ability to constantly balance work and play life so well, he is one of those people that when you spend time with him, you realise he never whinges about anything, EVER, and as far as life balance is concerned he has everything he wants at any given time. He has travelled for years on end, and follows his passion no matter what is necessary. Nathan is from a different side of inspiration, he just wants more with everything he does. He doesn’t want to just do it and be in the top ten, he wants top every time and his dedication to this shows through in everything he does. What inspires me; I am a pretty simple person when it comes down to it. Travel, beach and all round creativity. I read once that observation is the best inspiration as long as you look in the direction you want to go, and I couldn’t agree more.
Tell us about Coogee Beach Fitness Club.
Coogee Beach Fitness Club as the name suggests is a gym located right on Coogee Beach in the new Coogee Beach Surf Club Community Development literally meters away from the ocean! After working for other people at gyms, working the corporate sector and other tiresome and non fulfilling jobs we decided it was time to do what we loved but for ourselves. We aren’t selling new trends or fads, our education has helped us find what we know to be true and what works, but what really matters is that we are a gym that focuses on providing  a great atmosphere, great view and trainers that are dedicated to their clients, not just physically but mentally too. We believe in a holistic approach to health and to us that means being happy is a part of being healthy. Having the beach there doesn’t hurt either!

Classes on the beach

What’s Life Beast? 
Jason – Lifebeast Movement is a fun project started by Dylan, Dr Nathan Bridger (Chiropractor and old friend) and myself to motivate and educate the health inspired. We wanted to get out as much information on how to lead happy, fulfilling healthy lives to other like minded individuals. It’s basically three friends who love what they do, trying to share as much knowledge and joy with each other and those around us whilst having a bit of fun, and through our youtube channel, website, facebook and seminars and workshops. We really hope to help people from a physical, mental and lifestyle perspective of health. At the end of the day whether we reach 1 person or 1 million people if we can help them find what the are looking for in attaining their own personal health then we are doing our job.

Dylan, Nathan and Jason between Life Beast shoots

Your dream food day?
Jason – a lot of gluttonous food that a health professional should not say so I’ll leave it at that 😛
Dylan – alot of good food, the beach, and my favorite people that just happened to be scattered around the world at the moment.
(Editors note: Both of the boys loved these cookies, so don’t worry – they’re not infallible!)
What’s the best thing you ate recently?
Jason – Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese, onion and garlic. Side of sweet potato mash and veggies. A few of my favourite things put together and I even made it myself!
Dylan – Savoury : I lost my mind when I had Fried Chicken pancakes with added bacon from Mary Street Bakery in Mt Lawley (Katsu style fried chicken on pancakes) or any meat from Lapa in Subi. Sweet: Also from Mary street bakery. Asked for a cold malt chocolate milkshake and got them to throw a shot of coffee in for a bit of a boost. I had two of them before breakfast came out they were that good.
Where do you love to go to eat? 
Jason – Anywhere around the City, Mt Lawley, friends places. For me if I’m looking for a good meal, as important as the food is, the company is more important. Being around friends and family the people I care about to share those experiences and memories with, nothing else can compare. Especially when we find our own little secret place.
Dylan – I am definitely more of a breakfast person and I notice I am around Mt Lawley a lot more recently. Other than that, we are down towards South Fremantle so I make my way through there a fair bit if I feel like something a little more healthy.
Where do you love to hang out?
Jason – I guess the above statement kind of applies here too anywhere around friends and family, but also love being here at the gym its like having my own playground, I also work at a bar (Canton if you want to come say hi) too on the weekends and I really enjoy that, it’s where I get to have a bit of a creative outlet, I’m not usually creative or artistic but for some reason I get cocktails and flavours, go figure.
Dylan – As long as there are good people around, I am down for anywhere. If I can get those people to the beach or at least near a beach then I am even happier.
What’s your favourite thing right now?
Jason – sleep, not getting much of it these days, not that im complaining but every time I get a chance to nap its one of my favourite things to do 😛
Dylan – Day naps in the sun with some music in my ears. THE BEST, and I am pretty sure that will never change.
What are you looking forward to?
Jason – Well, I have a birthday tonight in the City so i guess im looking forward to that. Oh and Dylan and I plus some other friends are taking a weekend away at the end of the month. Can’t wait for that, will be nice to just relax and switch off for a bit.
Dylan – A small Bali weekend away to reset. But the major one is planning a trip to South Africa to visit some incredible people who we met in Europe in 2012. They have the whole thing planned; all I have to do is arrive at the airport and hop in the car.
All images via Facebook, website and instagram

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