Head & Heart | October

Oh hey team!

So, we’re back to Head & Heart. Check out what everyone else is up to over at Helarious, and join in!

Please, fill me in on what happening witchu! How are things?


What I’ve been grateful for

So, the last time I wrote this post, I was fresh from a break up and kind of licking my wounds a little bit. But 8 weeks later, I feel good. Like, really good. So, I’m thankful for my awesome friends that make life better, a city that’s providing me endless incredible things to do, and a home to retreat to when I can’t be bothered doing any of it.


Makin’ doughnuts. My Saturday morning market time slinging crumpets with Wade is something I always look forward to, and when one of my favourite customers posted this photo of her kids going to town on these… That’s what I get out of bed for.



What I’ve been thinking about

Cake. I’m following some ridiculously talented baking people in Instagram, and I’m inspired to lift my game. Let’s do this!


Summer adventures. I’m trying to cajole my friends into rock climbing, paddle boarding, hikes… Who even am I?
Also, do you have any ideas for activities? Lay them on me.

Lewie, Edweina, Levon – this shit is getting out of hand. Come home. I miss you. (3 of my most treasured friends are off travelling the world and generally being awesome. I’m selfish, and want them to come home. I’m fine with that)


What I’m excited for

Friday sees me in Kalgoorlie for the weekend, visiting of my favourite people. Is it weird that I’m just as excited for the train ride as I am the adventures at the other end? The train ride is 7 hours each was, and I have a whole heap of The Walking Dead, plus Amy Pohler’s new book to get through, with zero internet reception. Bliss.

What I’ve been doing

Sneaking into The Flour Factory at every chance I get! In the morning, their bakery section kills me. Mac-lairs are my current obsession, and I can’t get enough of them. At night, Lambchetta is what you want. Honestly, if they filled up a giant bowl with it, I’d eat it like popcorn. Also, try the Wallaby hot dog. It’s brilliant. Head chef Matthew Carulei is nailing it over there.  (This isn’t sponsored, I just really love baked goods and salty, delicious meat products. You’re welcome)


Watching an unholy amount of Arrow – and not just for the gratuitous shots of Stephen Amell exercising without a shirt on. Netflix is slowly ruining my life. I love it.

Crying in the foetal position on my lounge room floor after finally watching The Fault in Our Stars. I knew what was coming, and it sucker punched me anyway. THANKS JOHN GREEN.


What I’ve been reading

Re-reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman – it’s just as good as I remember. Ugh, I love that man.

Also madly flicking through food magazines, looking for recipe inspiration for the million ‘Let’s catch up before Christmas!’ events that pop up. There are so many!

This piece on why Australia hates Starbucks. Love it.


What I’ve been listening to

In line with my current need to feel good, it’s all super upbeat and dancey. Quite loving the new Calvin Harris, he’s a great pick me up when I’m tired.

I’m with Dave Grohl – Royal Blood might just save rock n roll.

Actually, I’d love more new music – can you recommend something? HALP.


What I’ve been spending money on

I’m trying really hard to be organised for Christmas – it’s 6 weeks away, how did that happen?!
Would writing a post about awesome potential presents be something that would help you out?

Um, can we take a moment to talk about how much I love Gusto Gelato in Leederville? Brilliant. The Gusto (it has peanut butter in it) is something I could quite happily eat an entire tub of, to myself, with zero regrets. Get thee there, if you haven’t already.



I found this photo of a puppy on Pinterest, and I can’t get over how adorable he is. Take a moment.



6 thoughts on “Head & Heart | October

  1. Welcome back to the game Bri!!! So good to read yours today – it sounds like you’re super excited and happy with things right now and yes that puppy is absolutely adorable – do you know what breed it is? The plan is to get a dog next year so I’m on the hunt!

    I’d be glad to recommend some music but not sure if it’s your thing so let me know what kind of styles or examples of artists you like! Otherwise, here’s my Spotify profile if you want to go exploring 🙂 http://open.spotify.com/user/helarious (although it looks like you have to login to view it…)

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