What I Love | eatmeetswest edition

This is the last post for 2014!

I’d like to take a second to thank every single one of you for stopping by and lending me your ears. Or eyes. I’m not sure how this works.

In the interest of reflection, here are the things I’m particularly grateful for in 2014:

  • The email I got from my blog-host thing (I don’t really sure how that works either) informs me that I’m read in 90 countries, which might have made me cry a little bit. I can’t even name 90 countries, so this blows my mind.
  • I’m grateful to have had the chance to travel to Brisbane for Eat Drink Blog this year (where I followed Sarah from The Sugar Hit around like a creep and she was very nice about it), where I got to eat some really cool stuff and hang out with my blogger buddies. Always a great time.
  • Also super grateful to my beautiful friend Natalie for letting me use her home in Melbourne as a base while I stalked the city for doughnuts.
  • Those of you who visited Jus Burgers to try my Cubano burger! There will be a post next year with the recipe, if you want to make them yourselves. Thank you Laura for teeing it up x
  • Friends, family, and anyone who’s prepared to share a meal with me (and lets me sneak photos in even though they’re starving). You let me do what I do.
  • You. Yes, you. You’re looking particularly smashing today, just in case no one has told you. Keep that up.


So, I guess it’s time for me to answer the questions I put to so many others this year! Whelp.

What I Love – eatmeetswest edition


Who are you/what do you do?
I’m Bri and I write this here blog. eatmeetswest is three(!!!) years old, which blows my mind a little bit.
I also sling crumpets for Mr Drummond’s Foods at the Subi Farmers Markets on a Saturday morning, where I’m also responsible for Hole Food Doughnuts.

My Cubano at Jus Burgers

Why Perth?
Oh my god, why not? Perth is almost unrecognisable to what is was 5 years ago. There’s room for improvement, as there is anywhere, but I’m so proud of how far it’s come and the badass people who are making things happen here.
I love Perth’s beaches and laid back atmosphere, and that those things probably go hand in hand.
I love that if you drive 3 hours in any direction, you’re almost in another universe.
definitely love our world class produce (and that I get to eat it).
I love the pelicans that sit on top of the street lights on the freeway when I drive home to Freo. They make me happy.
I think it’s fantastic that we call our sea breeze The Doctor, because it makes everything better on a hot day.
I love that so many activities around town are dog friendly, because it means I get to cuddle puppies. A LOT.

CBD Sunsets

 What inspires you?
I know that this is something that everyone says, but I’m incredibly blessed to be surrounded with extraordinary people, determined to make a change, or just showcase the amazing things that WA has to offer that we’ve simply overlooked.

On a personal level, I’m particularly inspired on the regular by Jacqui, Ai-LingMax VeenhuyzenMax Brearley and David; their passion for the things they do is nothing short of incredible, and I can’t believe they even know my name.

I’m also one of those people who spends waaaay too much time on The Internet. That helps with the inspiring and distracting in equal measure. If it wasn’t for the internet, how would I know about Katherine Sabbath?

Sophie Zalokar at the launch of her book, Food of the Southern Forrests

Your dream food day?
For starters, it probably kicks off at 11am, because I like a bit of a sleep in!
Breakfast would be either banana crepes from Toast in East Perth, or breakfast panna cotta from Mrs S in Mayland.
Morning tea would be Mac-clairs from The Flour Factory, nursed by coffee from Addison & Steele (the espresso tonic is spectacular. Thanks Toby and Michael!).
Lunch is definitely dim sum at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, because I would eat xiao long bao until the end of days. I LOVE DUMPLINGS. I’d probably need a nap after that.
Dinner would be a home-cooked affair. I have some friends who are seriously talented with a smoker, so it’s likely to be a Texas barbecue style thing, lost of ribs and slow cooked meats, a lot of sharing. I’d offer to do the dishes, being as how I didn’t cook!
If it’s a dream food day, then I’m probably heading back to Singapore’s 2am Dessert Bar for another hit of their dish Yellow, which was made up of corn, in 5 different ways. It was amazing. If you’re out that way, I definitely recommend you visit!

Cocktails at Darling Supper Club

What’s the best thing you ate recently?
 I’m pretty crazy about Gusto Gelato in Leederville right now. I was all for the Gutso (peanut butter), but I’ve just discovered the Brittle Sweet Symphony, which is almond brittle and honey gelato, and I can’t get enough of it. I fucking love ice cream.

Ice cream in Brisbane

Where do you love to go to eat? 
There’s no bad day that dinner at Lalla Rookh can’t fit with bone marrow and pasta. This is a scientific fact.
My ultimate comfort food is BBQ pork wanton noodle soup from Viet Hoa in Northbridge. Cheap, fast and more food than I can comfortably eat (though I do it anyway).
My favourite, super low-key breakfast can be found at Ley St Cafe. I first heard about Adam’s milkshakes on Reddit, and can confirm (as a milkshake junkie) that they’re some of the best in Perth. Adam makes all of his own flavours from scratch, no bought syrups here! Also, the maple bacon and eggs on today are consistently fantastic.
Russell Blakie on cocktail duty at Must Winebar

Russell Blakie on cocktail duty at Must Winebar

Where do you love to hang out?

Varnish on King. I love a whisky sour almost as much as I love manager Jamie Passmore’s dance moves. Also the bar’s mascot is a stuffed beaver named Justin, of which the jokes just write themselves.

My girlfriends and I recently had our pre-Christmas catch up at The Flour Factory, where I drank 3 of their lemony cocktails, and I’d quite happily drink 300 more.

Freo always calls to me when I want to be somewhere that feels like home. This year, I loved The Banker, Lenny the Ox, Little Lefroys, The Mantle and Bread in Common.


Scott Bridger, head chef at Bib & Tucker

What’s your favourite thing right now?
 Netflix. What?! I’m a girl of simple pleasures. Those simple pleasures include watching Stephen Amell do chin-ups on Arrow.
I love paddle boarding. I’m pretty keen to get out on the water again, who wants to come?
What are you looking forward to?

I just bought Mr Hong, which is a bit of a must-have cook book for lovers of dude food or the Australian food scene. My first goal for next year is to master one of his signature dishes, Stoner’s Delight, so, you know, God help me.

The Perth Fringe World Festival!

Getting down south to visit Taste of Balingup (Katrina Lane is a genius) and Foragers Kitchen (so is Sophie).

More doughnuts. Always more doughnuts.


Kane at Dapper Jack

Thank you again for all of your support this year, and I can’t wait to make you fried cheese pie in 2015!

Stay safe, happy and awesome xx

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So this is Christmas | 2014 Gift Guide

It’s here. Are you ready?

You’ve probably seen the posters up in windows, maybe being shared on Facebook, on why it’s so important to shop local, particularly at this time of year. Shopping local helps pay rent and mortgages, buys kids new shoes and school fees, literally puts food on the table – not buying a CEO from Amazon an extra week skiing in the south of France (even though I hear it’s really nice there this time of year).

Image via Jasmine Dowling Instagram

Image via Jasmine Dowling Instagram

As I spend FAR too much time on the internet, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite local businesses and their fabulous wares for you so you don’t have to (spend too much time on the internet, that is).

Ready to get started?

Studio Bomba


Image via Studio Bomba Instagram

Image via Studio Bomba Instagram

I am utterly shameless in my love for all things Studio Bomba. You can visit their Oxford street abode, have coffee and nibbles from the delightful Kane at Dapper Jack (I love a man in a bow tie, can you tell?), then browse their carefully curated delights in the Bomba shop and On A Whim clothing. AND, if you’re particularly pressed for time, they have just opened up an online store! Could it be any simpler? I particularly love their cards, which have me in stitches, the candles which smell like heaven, and their vintage inspired toy section.


Gipsy Boy Boutique

Image via Gipsy Boy Instagram

Image via Gipsy Boy Instagram

Sister team Bekki and Kacie are delivering the goods for our friends in the north! Stocking the much sought-after Nina Marlena skulls (seriously, good luck finding an Atlas skull anywhere), Bahen & Co chocolate, and the most gorgeous collection of vintage teacups, there’s nothing not to love! Kacie and I have been friends for several years, and I can 100% vouch for her ability to pick out the perfect vintage finds. Also, if you’re looking for an outfit for your various Christmas shennanians, they stock Finders Keepers, Evil Twin, Mink Pink, The Fifth Label, and Somedays Lovin, as well as Zanerobe for the fellas. If you get a little peckish, they also have an excellent café to fuel your decision-making process (the answer is yes, you should buy it in every colour).


Little Posy Co


Image via Little Posy Co Instagram

Image via Little Posy Co Instagram

I’ve hoped this idea would take off for ages; a 4 or 10 week subscription of beautiful flowers delivered to your door for $30 per week. The posies are simple, rustic and utterly charming, and it’s something that would make any lady in your life smile. Details of their Christmas offer can be found here.



Image via Zolich Instagram

Image via Zolich Instagram

Samantha and Kelly Flemming are another awesome sister duo, specialising is spectacular statement jewellery.  You can shop online or at their MANY 6160 store (which is where I picked up some gorgeous rings as a present to myself on the weekend. I’m not even sorry), which is worth a visit to bask in the general beauty of their stone pieces alone.


The Neon Burrow

Image via The Neon Burrow Instagram

Image via The Neon Burrow Instagram

If you’ve got an eye for details, or perhaps a fashion addict sister or girlfriend to buy for, The Neon Burrow has you covered! From gorgeous silk scarves, colourful statement necklaces, funky tennis shoes, to homewares, there isn’t much they don’t stock! I  personally love the delicate rings from Deer Ruby and totes from Briggs & Boots


Angove Street Collective

Image via Debra Hayes Florist Instagram

Image via Debra Hayes Floral Instagram

Angove Street in North Perth has a treasure in this space – the Perth Upmarket markets that you love have a physical store for you to hunt for treasures! There are also flowers by Debra Hayes, gifts for gents (Status Anxiety wallets are my favourite, I highly recommend them) and a café that stocks juices from Pure Glow Cleanse, if you wanted a sneaky taste before committing to one of their cleanses.




Image via Monstrositea Instagram


You may remember Katherine from our chat a little earlier this year – if there is a tea lover in your life, there is no better way to indulge their daily ritual than with a subscription! They also have a gorgeous shop full of accessories and favourite specialty teas, which is worth a visit if you want to curate a special tea themed gift.


Micrology Coffee Roasters


Image via MCR Instagram

Image via MCR Instagram

If you’re a coffee junkie, then you should already be familiar with the lads from Micrology – they can be spotted out and about at festivals locally, and generally kicking ass and taking names as in independent coffee roaster. They too offer subscriptions, as well as a shop stocked with all the good kit – Chemex cups, drippers, Aeropress, Hario cold press, and Uppercup reusable cups (someone please buy me one, they’re gorgeous!). You can check out their Instagram for brew-spiration.


Welly’s Wonders

Image via Welly's Wonders facebook

Image via Welly’s Wonders facebook

love Welly’s Wonders! If you’ve got little tykes to buy for, look no further than the utterly gorgeous illustrations by husband and wife duo, Adam and Demelza Haines. Adam is a disgustingly talented illustrator (he worked for freakin’ Lucasfilm and Disney!), and Demelza is well, a force to be reckoned with – and the author of their first book! Full disclosure, Demelza has been a friend of mine for many years, which really only makes me happier to tell anyone who will listen about her wares. I have an influx of friends due next year, and they will ALL be getting a copy of Jenkins the Hare to read to their bubs, because he’s bloody adorable.


Should you require further inspiration, check out:


Please, if you know other events or if there are local businesses you love, throw them in the comments to share the love!

Happy shopping!

Bri xx

What I Love – Peggy Saas Edition

It’s a commonly held belief that with any job, the best thing about it is usually the people you work with. Which would be fantastic, except blogging is a pretty lonely vocation.

I mean, there are certainly perks. There’s no one to steal your lunch from the fridge, Pinterest breaks are certainly encouraged and every day is Pants-Free Friday. But there’s also a distinct lack of team camaraderie when you’re the only person on your team. So what do bloggers do? We make friends with other bloggers, of course.

I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy at Eat Drink Blog 2013, albeit very briefly while madly trying to locate my lost phone and greeting attendees. She was so friendly and wonderful, and I wish I’d been able to spend more time chatting. But since then, I’ve basically stalked her work like a crazy woman, because damn, she’s good. Seriously.

Peggy’s blog is full of incredibly delicious, beautifully photographed recipes. It is definitely not the place you want to go if you’re hungry because it will ruin you and you’ll find yourself hunting down a 24 hour supermarket so you can make Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream at 11:30pm. I mean, not that I did that or anything.

She’s essentially what I hope to be when I grow up and become a real blogger, and I’m thrilled to have her here to share her work and things she loves with you. Say hello, team!


What I Love with Peggy Saas


Who are you/what do you do?

I’m Peggy, a Perth based photographer and food blogger. I take photos of beautiful things and thread words together about food. I started off photographing food for my blog cake crumbs & beach sand, but now find myself photographing people more and more.

You have so many things in the pipeline! What’s next for you?

Right now I am focusing on the business side of my photography with the intention of freelancing full-time. I am hoping to get into photographing weddings in the near future so am currently establishing couple shoots to get some practice. I am also working on a project to exhibit some of my work following my first showcase at RAW Perth last month. 

Website screenshot.27 PM

Why Perth?

My parents moved from Finland to Sydney and then wound up in Perth when I was 3 years old. I spent most of my 20s traveling and worked abroad, and honestly, I thought Perth was so boring back then. I hated coming back and only did so to see my family. Fast forward a few years (ok two decades) and I just love the place. I love the diversity, the amazingly supportive creative community and the fact you can drive anywhere within half an hour. In my 20s I wanted to live in Jakarta for its fast pace, the traffic would kill me now!  

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I had my first photo shoot of the year on the 1st of January, and decided on that day I was going to make this year big. I haven’t stopped yet. I am looking forward to a year full of photo opportunities, a full and abundant blog (which has lacked attention recently due to the increase in photography jobs) and my first wedding shoot in October. It’s going to be a good one! 


A photo from Peggy’s recent RAW Showcase

What would be your dream food day?

Waking up to a baked breakfast and really good coffee (two cups, I always have two cups), followed by brunch at Moore & Moore Cafe. Maybe then a hotdog at Run Amuk in South Freo with their delicious homemade lemonade, capped off with a seafood platter and cider at sunset. But if we’re talking about fantasy dreaming, a seafood feast on a yacht would do it.  

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

Bronuts from Wild Bakery. Have you tried those things? Deep fried, sugar-coated heaven. (note: these are Bronuts, and she’s not kidding. They will blow your mind.)

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Butter. I have it on everything and cook with it daily. I love the stuff. And no ‘lite’ version either, full fat and salted. YUM!

Where do you love to go to eat?

I love Fremantle at the moment. I used to prefer Mt Lawley and didn’t really get the fascination with Fremantle, but I am there now. As for local spots I love Ohnamiya in Applecross and have an obsession with the smoky mice at Clancy’s on Canning Bridge. 

Where do you love to hang out?

I love my ‘hood. Although I am a creature of habit with eating out and tend to gravitate towards the same restaurants near home, so I try to head out to other areas to try different places. I love King St. I was devastated when King St Cafe closed down, I used to spend many Friday afternoons there with my brother eating a lazy lunch with a good glass of wine. I am keen to check out the rest of King St as I know there are some amazing cafes to be tried, but my pining stage hasn’t quite ended yet. That’s the problem with having favourites, if they do close you’re left with a hole to fill. I’m sure with the abundance of amazing spots in Perth I’ll find some place else to love just as much soon.

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

I’m always finding new things to enjoy. Most recently I have found that although I hate public speaking I enjoy holding photography workshops. I also didn’t think photographing people would be my thing since I have always loved photographing food more, but I’m finding joy in the things I never considered before. That’s the fun part of being creative, if you put yourself out there you’ll usually be pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised.  

Are you as in love with her as I am yet? You can check out all of her magic here: website, food blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

What I Love – Great About Perth Edition

When I was brainstorming a list of people what I wanted to talk to for this series, I knew I wanted people who were passionate, full of knowledge, fun and enthusiastic about our great city. Sitting at the top of that list was the person I’m delighted to introduce you to today, the brilliant Renee from Great About Perth!

What I Love with Renee Bergere

Renee pic 2

Who are you/what do you do?

My name is Renee. Once a mountain-loving Seattleite, I’m now a proud, passport-holding Aussie (sans accent, unfortunately) living in Freo. I work at Scoop Publishing and wear a few hats: Deputy Editor and Food & Wine Editor of Scoop magazine, and Editor of Perth Guide. In my free time I do a bit of freelancing for Gourmet Traveller and update Great about Perth‘s social media pages. I’m constantly overeating and overdrinking, but I love what I do – regardless of how annoyingly fattening it is!

Why Perth?

Cliche alert: my husband is an engineer. We moved here in 2009 after a two-year stint in Melbourne where I did a masters in publishing. When I first arrived, everyone told me I’d hate it. So I made a concerted effort (and a blog) to focus on what’s actually great about this place. Turns out, there’s a lot!

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I’ve started this 365-day photo project which I’ve called #PerthyGreatness. It’s should certainly keep me busy in 2014! I’ve also got a few trips planned for the year. Visits to family in the States and Italy and, if the stars and schedules align, then a trip to Argentina too.

What would be your dream food day?

Growing up, my grandfather would take my family on fishing trips in Alaska each summer. So my dream food day would be spent catching, cooking and devouring king salmon, halibut and crab.

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

The first things that spring to mind are Must‘s incredible caramelised fig salad, The Public House‘s Dr Pepper Ribs and the Baharat Grilled Lamb Rump from Habitue. Restaurant reviewing does have its perks!

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Mozzarella di Bufala. You can’t find anything in Perth that even comes close to the deliciousness of the mozzarella made in Campania. Sometimes I dream of moving back to Italy just so I could eat it on a daily basis. My other current food obsessions are artichokes, fennel, dill, popcorn and fresh coconut.

Where do you love to go to eat?

My absolute favourite once-in-a-blue-moon restaurant is Restaurant Amuse. If I don’t feel like spending much, then the Bathers Beach Markets or anywhere Comida do Sul happens to be.

Where do you love to hang out?

Home – only because I never spend enough time there!

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

Succulents! I’m obsessed with them. I recently transformed an abandoned 144-bottle wine rack into a vertical garden filled with nothing but succulents. Then I topped it with pots of more succulents. I worry it’s a sickness. I’ve also recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon – yup, I’m officially the slowest adopter ever!

What I Love – Yelp Edition

This year, I wanted to throw something a little bit different into the mix.

As a food blogger, I’m regularly asked where to go/what to eat/what’s new?
I relish this, because finally, the things I know have a practical application. Unlike the random collection of useless facts that clog up my brain (snails can sleep for 3 years without eating), which no one ever seems to ask me about.
Like anything though, my knowledge is limited to the places that I go and the things I’ve tried, which is only a small part of Perth’s rapidly growing food scene. Try as I might, I just can’t keep up!

So, in 2014, I’ve decided to enlist a little help from some incredibly awesome friends to tell you what they love. Because isn’t it always better to get a different perspective on things?

Fist cab off the rank is the gorgeous Laura Dew from Yelp Perth. Yelp is an online guide for everything in your city. Need a haircut? Dinner? Mechanic? Yelp, with the help of reviews from those in the community, has it covered. What I love about Laura is her infectious and genuine enthusiasm for Perth. You’ll see her out and about at community events and festivals, so definitely go say hi!

Yelp invites its Elite to special events - I got to attend Cavalia!

Yelp invites its Elite to special events – I got to attend Cavalia!

What I Love with Laura Dew

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Laura and I’m the Community Manager for Yelp in Perth. I seriously think I have the best job in the world, looking after all things Yelp related in Perth, both on and offline. I organise a heap of events for the Yelp Perth community, from Unofficial Yelp Events (UYEs), to Elite Events for our Elite Squad, to our spectacular Yelper Parties. They all involve incredible local businesses showcasing themselves to Yelpers for an evening. I do a lot of other things too, like write the Weekly Yelp and help business owners unlock their free Yelp business account.

Why Perth?

Where else?! I’m floored by Perth’s beauty and incredible lifestyle everyday. Plus it’s one of the most exciting times to be living in the city – it’s evolving at such a fast rate there’s always something happening or a new opening.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I’m looking forward to seeing lots more new openings in 2014. We’ve been so lucky the last year having so many new places to try, like Mary Street Bakery, Pleased To Meet You, Bread In Common, Enrique’s School For To Bullfighting and so many more. I think we’ll see a lot more pop-up bars and restaurants in 2014 too. I’m also looking forward to festival season; FRINGE WORLD and Perth Festival.

What would be your dream food day?

Hardest question ever! I’d probably have two dishes for breakfast – it is my dream food day after all! I’d have one classic healthy Australia big breakfast (poached eggs, avo, salmon etc) and a sweet dish too, waffles or pancakes. Then for lunch I’d like a sushirrito, I had one in San Francisco last year. It’s a burrito style sushi roll, check it out here. Trying to pick just one more cuisine for dinner is hard, it’d have to be Japanese, Thai or Italian. Maybe a bowl of ramen and a tempura udon dish, then for dessert a tiramisu.

What’s the best thing you ate recently?

I went to S & T Thai in Northbridge last night and shared a heap of dishes with Yelpers. I tried the green chicken curry, seafood pad Thai and also the red duck curry. All were fantastic, but the red duck curry took the lead with whole lychees and chunks of pineapple throughout.

What ingredient can’t you get enough of?

Vanilla extract is one I use a lot when baking. It makes everything more delicious!

Where do you love to go to eat?

This could be a very long list. I eat at Is Donburi a lot, their food is so reasonably priced and delicious. The teriyaki tofu is a favourite. I also end up at Hobart Deli quite a bit for brunch on the weekends. I often go to Smuggled Seeds Espresso in Leederville and enjoy their coffee and scrambled eggs for breakfast or their salads for lunch. The list is endless really!

Where do you love to hang out?

Northbridge and Mt Lawley is where you’ll see me most. I try to head to the beach as often as I can. I like walks along the coast and swimming at the beach with my fiancé and dog. I like to head to Mechanics’ Institute and The Bird when catching up with mates for drinks.

Have you discovered anything recently (activity, ect.) that you’re enjoying?

I am really enjoying making the most of all the outdoor cinemas during summer. There’s quite a few and each one is a unique experience in a special location.

Somerville Auditorium at UWA - via @jaxstar84

Somerville Auditorium at UWA – via @jaxstar84


Breaking Bread

So, this is Christmas. And what have you done? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been run off your feet with Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, planning, cooking, shopping, drinking more shopping (what is with all these little last minute presents?!) and a million catch-ups.

It’s well documented that I’m a grinch, however, I can’t hate everything about this time of year. I mean, it’s the best time to get out and try all the places that you never got to during the year, under the guise of merriment and quality time with friends and family!

The one place I still haven’t gotten to is Fremantle’s Bread in Common. The brain child of Nic Trimboli (you might of heard of him – his other ventures include Balthazar, Duende, Gordon St Garage – oh, and a little place called Little Creatures) is buzzing on Packenham Street, away from the myriad of fairly average cappuccino and pizza/pasta tourist pleasers that has rendered Fremantle a culinary wasteland for far too long.

The hero dish (aside from the bread) that I’m dying to try are the mint lamb ribs with black garlic; there is nothing about that dish that doesn’t sound amazing to me. Luckily, I happened across the recipe in the current Delicious Magazine, and was ecstatic that I don’t have to wait to try them!

Lamb ribs are all kinds of fantastic. They’ve been living in the shadows of the more popular pork and beef ribs; but are increasingly taking centre stage on restaurant menus. The good news is, lamb ribs are a ridiculously cheap cut of meat (unlike pork and beef), and you can buy a kilo of ribs for around $10, making this a great dish to make for a group of people, or maybe even leave out for Santa! Actually, don’t do that. If you leave meat out overnight for Santa, you might just kill him.

Black Garlic & Herb Lamb Ribs

From Delicious Magazine

1.2kg Macabee Dorper lamb ribs
3tbsp peanut oil
2 carrots, chopped
2 onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1tbsp chopped thyme and rosemary
375ml white wine
1/2 bunch mint, chopped
6 cloves black garlic
1 long red chilli, seeds removed, chopped
1 tbsp caster sugar
1/4 cup sherry or red wine vinegar
Coriander leaves, to serve
1/2 bunch each of mint, rosemary and flat leaf parsley, chopped
2 long green chillies
2 tsp each coriander seeds, fennel seeds, and whole black peppercorns
3 garlic cloves
Blitz the ingredients for the marinade in a food processor with 2 tsp salt until coarsely chopped.


Rub the marinade into the ribs, then place in the fridge for at least 4 hours, or overnight if time allows.

Heat your oven to 140*C. Heat 1 tbsp of the oil over medium heat in a roasting pan. Add the carrot and onion to the pan and cook for a couple of minutes, stirring. Add the ribs, thyme, rosemary and wine to the pan, then add enough hot water to cover the ribs. Bring the pan to a simmer, then remove from heat and cover with baking paper and foil and place in the oven for 3 hours or until the meat is tender.

For the dressing, mix together mint, black garlic, chilli, sugar, vinegar and last 2 tbsp oil until combined.
Remove the ribs from the roasting pan, and discard the liquid. Season the ribs and char-grill in a pan over high heat, for 6 minutes or until golden.

Place the ribs on a plate and serve with dressing and coriander.


Black garlic can be bought in tubs from supermarkets, and is simply fermented garlic cloves. They’re sweeter, less pungent than regular garlic and the dramatic colour adds interest to the plate. If you can’t find it, substitute roasted garlic cloves.


Perth is awesome – Summer Edition

Ohboyohboyohboy! SUMMER’S HERE.

Are you familiar with Neil Gaiman? He’s pretty much one of my favourite human beings in the whole entire ‘verse. If you haven’t read his book American Gods, then we really can’t be friends. BUT. The point of my story is, he did a book reading recently and said this:

 “If your question is ‘how do I find adventure?’ The answer is: go out. Make it. For yourself and for others.”

Guys and girls, let’s be honest. There is nothing like Perth in summer. Beaches, bars, parks, sports, markets… In short, all the things you need to make your own adventure.

So, ladies and gentlemen, lets start crossing dates off your calendar. It’s going to be a long, hot and BUSY one.

  • First cab off the rank? The City of Perth’s Christmas festivities kick off Friday night – they’re turning on the Christmas lights with entertainment and general funness.
  • The Twilight Hawkers markets kick off Friday night in Forrest Chase – I’m heading in for my empanada fix.
  • THIS SATURDAY. Beaufort Street Festival. Go. Pick up a copy of Recipe and Ramblings, it contains a recipe from me! If anyone needs me on the day, I’ll be hiding in the cardboard box village.
  • On Sunday, check out Meet the Gardener for Perth Heritage Days. I’m off to check out Harold Boags Gardens in West Perth, beautifully cared for by Evan from Common Ground.
  • A fun run in santa suits? Yep, that’s happening.
  • TriFest West 2012 is on at Hilary’s Boat Harbour, a triathalon and multisport expo.
  • TEDx is on December 8 – come hear some ideas worth sharing!
  • Thursdays are no longer for wishing it was Friday, but the Subi Sunset Food Markets.
  • Tuesday sees the final for Fat Shan’s Open Mic Night. Local music – get on it.
  • The Mexican Film Festival is on. Chekkit.
  • Light Up Leederville is a festival on December 8, and it has EVERYTHING.
  • Yelp is offering FREE yoga classes in Northbridge.
  • On William are putting on another round of their popular Illuminites night markets.
  • Rooftop Movies need no introduction. I can’t wait to check out their program!
  • Sign up for the inaugural The Color Run – I have, god help me!
  • Test out your ability to multitask or balance with stand up paddle boarding – trust me, if I can do this, so can you. I love it!

As always, if you want to know what’s happening around town keep in the loop with: Yelp Perth, Six Thousand, We Love Perth, Show Me Perth, and your local councils.

What else are you looking forward to that’s coming up?

P.S. Thanks to those who entered my 15 Minute Meals comp, and congratulations to Stacey for taking it out. Happy cooking x