Head & Heart | February

So, we’re back to Head & Heart. Check out what everyone else is up to over at Helarious, and join in!


What I’ve been grateful for:

Support. Last week was one of those weeks. It was manic busy, incredibly stressful, and just hard. Find your tribe. They make your world better.

 The person who’s responsible for this. It’s my new standard for mind blowing adorable.

The person who sent me this, because this is pretty much going to happen, and he doesn’t find that weird about me.

Grown up


What I’ve been thinking about:

Doughnuts. Because, always doughnuts. What would be your dream flavour?

Love this post (and all of her work) by Elise from I Fucking Love Science to celebrate the really cool discoveries by women in science that you probably didn’t know anything about. Fuck yeah!


What I’m excited for:

RAIN. Please, please, please, please, please, rain.

Stationery. I was given some gorgeous stuff by Kelsie from K Gets Organised, and I’m pretty sure she’s unleashed my inner monster. I need pads! books! pens!

The new Avengers movie. I’m a massive nut for Marvel, and I’m pretty sure 100 of these views are from me alone. 7 weeks to go!

The Good Food Month Night Noodle Market. Photos from the events over East flood my Instagram when it’s on, and my jealousy knows no bounds. I’m pretty keen to see what the guys from Lucky Chan’s can do in the lead up to their opening, as well as stuffing my face with Low Key Chow House’s mantou buns (which is the best thing on their menu). It runs from 18-29 March, from 5pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends, in the Perth Cultural Centre (around the Library and Art Gallery). The event is free, and dishes cost less than $14. Woooo!


New Openings:

  • Max + Sons
    The gorgeous, light-filled coffee shop that is just what 140 William needed! They serve 5 Senses coffee (using a gorgeous Synesso machine) and doughnuts by my dough-bros at Top Dup.
  •  Asado
    I attended their launch recently, and was impressed by their beautiful space, the quality of their meat (I tend to walk into barbecue joints with slightly low expectations, because it’s hard to get right) and the lovely attitude of their staff. I haven’t had a chance to get back, but I assure you, it’s on the cards.
  • The Old Laundry
    A new haunt on Angove Street. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’ve heard lovely things from multiple sources.
  •  Sauma
    A pretty gorgeous Indian restaurant on the corner of William and Francis Streets (next to Lot 20), Sauma is a welcome addition to one of my favorite strips. I hear the servings are veeeery generous, so take a group to get a good taste of the menu.
  • The Modern Eatery
    Some seriously fancy looking Japanese has come to Freo. Check out Miss Eats a Lot for her review.


What I’ve been doing:

The recent long weekend saw me down south (I’m sticking to my promise of more time out), which was amazing as always. Vasse Felix. Morries Anytime. UGH, FANTASTIC. From here on in, I’m putting miso butter on everything.


I finally won my office bake-off. I’ve been competing against Alex from Little Red’s Cupcakes for 3 years, and at long last, I am triumphant. My savoury dish kinda sucked, but panna cotta lamingtons saved the day! You can get the recipe here, and it’s bloody fantastic. It’s not hard at all, you just have to be organised.

My new day job has a more political skew, and has introduced me to my new addiction: Parliamentary Question Time. It’s like your favourite reality TV soap opera. I love it. There’s yelling and petty name calling and it’s amazing.

I’m only 1 million years too late, but The West Wing. I love you, CJ. And Rob Lowe.


 What I’ve been reading:

The Obsession issue of Lucky Peach. This piece on making gnocchi is a beautiful read.

I’ve got my hands on copies of Bad Feminist and Trigger Warning. I’m going to build a pillow fort and hide for a couple of days while I devour them.

This post from my friend Michelle at Foodie Cravings.



What I’ve been spending money on:

Of course, I came home from my weekend down south laden with goodies from Providore, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Bahen and Co and Olio Bello.

Flowers from Debra Hayes Floral.


I swear, I start nesting in the lead up to winter. I’m all about homewares right now. Blankets! Pillows! Vases! A Cup of Chic is responsible for most of my current lust list.

More Cards Against Humanity (I bought booster packs), because I love this game. From Planet Books, if you’re looking.


Tell me about your month. What’s news?

Head & Heart | January

Oh hey team!

So, we’re back to Head & Heart. Check out what everyone else is up to over at Helarious, and join in!


What I’ve been grateful for:

People who eat my doughnuts. I try not to talk the doughnut stuff here because I kind of feel like they should be separate, but I spend my Saturday mornings blushing furiously when people come down to the markets and tell me that they made the trip just for doughnuts after seeing them on Instagram. And then they come back later to tell me how much they loved them. It’s a weird and amazing thing to have something you make enjoyed by people, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that feedback and support. You guys are awesome.

They say that some of the hardest things in life are moving house, the end of a relationship and leaving/starting a new job. I did all of these things in 3 months. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier. While it’s a terrible cliché, this year is truly a fresh start, and I’m really really really excited. Life is good.


What I’ve been thinking about:

Feeling guilty when getting something that I want comes at the expense of someone else’s dreams. My best friend is coming home from London this week, which, as you can imagine, I’m ecstatic about… Except it came at the cost of his plans having not worked out. Is it a girl thing that I feel bad about this? Does this happen to other people? It’s not my fault, obviously, but I feel bad that my joy is coming at the expense of his sadness. STOP IT, GIRL BRAIN.

Planning. I have a full time 9-5. I have my Saturday morning markets with doughnut commitments, which is incredibly time consuming. I blog (not as much as I should, but you know what I mean). I work really hard, and I love what I do, but I promised myself more time out this year. I ended last year exhausted. Hell, I didn’t have any time off over Christmas, so I’m still kind of exhausted. So, I’ve promised myself more holidays and time out this year. Which means planning, which any list-maker will tell you is half the fun. Pinterest boards! Spreadsheets! Research! Wheeeeeee! Please tell me I’m not the only one that likes planning that much? Guys? Anyone? Buller?

You heard me, popcorn. One of my neighbours must be going through a phase or something because the smell of it has been wafting through my windows every day this week. I NEED IT. Thankfully, Buzzfeed in all it’s listicle glory, has us covered. If you’re obsessed like me, there are recipes here, here and here. I’m also going to continue harassing the guys from The Flour Factory for the recipe for the popcorn they were dishing up at the launch of The Sherry last month. It was porky and smokey and salty and I would put a ring on it if I could.



What I’m excited for:

Tis’ the season for awesome. There are SO MANY Fringe shows (and associated pop-up bars) to fill your nights with awesome, and PIAF is just around the corner.

In particular, The Giants appeal to both my inner grown up (where the hell are they hiding them in the city?!?!) and child (giant toys! SQUEAL) alike.

There are new restaurant openings every other day! Trying to keep up with them all is really hard, so I’ll try and list them for you in this space

  • Myaree is finally getting REAL coffee (THANK GOD) in the form of Grouch & Co, and not a moment too soon!
  • Eamon Sullivan opened May Street Larder, his third venue. You’ll see many an Instagram from this place in the coming weeks, but what you need to know is: COCO WHIP. Probiotics and coconut water, and that’s it. Now, it pains me greatly to say this, but it’s actually pretty damn tasty. The menu also features great salads (you’ll be trying to replicate them at home), various meats (rotisserie chicken, pork belly ect) and house made everything. You’ll love it.



What I’ve been doing:

I loved Everything Unknown down at Cottesloe Beach for the Fringe Festival – a swift punch in the feels, both happy and sad. If you go, try and time your visit for sunset, because it only adds to the spectacular. And then you too can eat the delicious scallops and whitebait from Cott & Co, which is exactly what I did.

Aside from that, life has been pretty low key. And low key time for me means a LOT of movies. Now, if you haven’t seen it already, I MUST insist that you stop what you’re doing and watch The Book of Life IMMEDIATELY. Don’t worry that it’s animated or looks like a kid’s film, it’s bloody fantastic. I recommended it to my movie-loving friend Nat, and we’ve been texting and giggling about it ever since. Jaaaaaaaaaaaoooquuuin!!!!!!!!!!


 What I’ve been reading:

Finally got my hands on Sugar Rush by Johnny Iuzzini (thank YOU First Edition in Freo – support local, independent book sellers), and it’s as good as I hoped. A great book on basics and technique for dessert newbies, with plenty of good ideas for non-newbies to expand on. VERY excited to cook from it, you’ll be seeing some recipes soon!

While I’m not reading it yet, I’m counting down the minutes until I can bury myself in Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman – perhaps I can tell you about it next month?

On a less fun note, this story completely breaks my heart. Anita shows extraordinary strength in the face of the kind of threats that would have most of us unplugging our computers and moving to Antarctica (not because there are fewer idiots there, but because they may be less likely to find her, break into her home and kill her), and I salute her. Parents, make sure you monitor your kids online activity, and raise them to be good people. We need less of this.


What I’ve been spending money on:

This bag, which is printed with my favourite life philosophy. I picked mine up from Meg and Wally in West Leedy, which is full of rather delightful things, and smells like HEAVEN.


Mini Easter eggs. I know, I know, I hate myself too. I feel a violent disdain for supermarkets stocking anything Easter this early… But tiny Easter Eggs are also my favourite. I buy them by the bag full and stuff them into brownies and cookies, or even just leave them in the freezer for when it’s hot. I’m a bad person.


Please, fill me in on what happening witchu! How are things?

Head & Heart | October

Oh hey team!

So, we’re back to Head & Heart. Check out what everyone else is up to over at Helarious, and join in!

Please, fill me in on what happening witchu! How are things?


What I’ve been grateful for

So, the last time I wrote this post, I was fresh from a break up and kind of licking my wounds a little bit. But 8 weeks later, I feel good. Like, really good. So, I’m thankful for my awesome friends that make life better, a city that’s providing me endless incredible things to do, and a home to retreat to when I can’t be bothered doing any of it.


Makin’ doughnuts. My Saturday morning market time slinging crumpets with Wade is something I always look forward to, and when one of my favourite customers posted this photo of her kids going to town on these… That’s what I get out of bed for.



What I’ve been thinking about

Cake. I’m following some ridiculously talented baking people in Instagram, and I’m inspired to lift my game. Let’s do this!


Summer adventures. I’m trying to cajole my friends into rock climbing, paddle boarding, hikes… Who even am I?
Also, do you have any ideas for activities? Lay them on me.

Lewie, Edweina, Levon – this shit is getting out of hand. Come home. I miss you. (3 of my most treasured friends are off travelling the world and generally being awesome. I’m selfish, and want them to come home. I’m fine with that)


What I’m excited for

Friday sees me in Kalgoorlie for the weekend, visiting of my favourite people. Is it weird that I’m just as excited for the train ride as I am the adventures at the other end? The train ride is 7 hours each was, and I have a whole heap of The Walking Dead, plus Amy Pohler’s new book to get through, with zero internet reception. Bliss.

What I’ve been doing

Sneaking into The Flour Factory at every chance I get! In the morning, their bakery section kills me. Mac-lairs are my current obsession, and I can’t get enough of them. At night, Lambchetta is what you want. Honestly, if they filled up a giant bowl with it, I’d eat it like popcorn. Also, try the Wallaby hot dog. It’s brilliant. Head chef Matthew Carulei is nailing it over there.  (This isn’t sponsored, I just really love baked goods and salty, delicious meat products. You’re welcome)


Watching an unholy amount of Arrow – and not just for the gratuitous shots of Stephen Amell exercising without a shirt on. Netflix is slowly ruining my life. I love it.

Crying in the foetal position on my lounge room floor after finally watching The Fault in Our Stars. I knew what was coming, and it sucker punched me anyway. THANKS JOHN GREEN.


What I’ve been reading

Re-reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman – it’s just as good as I remember. Ugh, I love that man.

Also madly flicking through food magazines, looking for recipe inspiration for the million ‘Let’s catch up before Christmas!’ events that pop up. There are so many!

This piece on why Australia hates Starbucks. Love it.


What I’ve been listening to

In line with my current need to feel good, it’s all super upbeat and dancey. Quite loving the new Calvin Harris, he’s a great pick me up when I’m tired.

I’m with Dave Grohl – Royal Blood might just save rock n roll.

Actually, I’d love more new music – can you recommend something? HALP.


What I’ve been spending money on

I’m trying really hard to be organised for Christmas – it’s 6 weeks away, how did that happen?!
Would writing a post about awesome potential presents be something that would help you out?

Um, can we take a moment to talk about how much I love Gusto Gelato in Leederville? Brilliant. The Gusto (it has peanut butter in it) is something I could quite happily eat an entire tub of, to myself, with zero regrets. Get thee there, if you haven’t already.



I found this photo of a puppy on Pinterest, and I can’t get over how adorable he is. Take a moment.


Head & Heart | August

I guess I should explain myself.

It’s been a long time between drinks for me here, and I definitely owe you an explanation as to where I’ve been. Life has been really really hard for the last 6 weeks, but I’m finally coming out the other side.

I heard about writing a Head and Heart post (created by the gorgeous Helen over at Helario) via my lovely friend Rachi, it sounded like a pretty excellent way to get everything out on the table, let you know what’s been going on.

What I’ve been grateful for

My lovely little flat. I found one! Jeebus, house hunting is a full time job. I’ve moved out to a little place with views of the city, all by my self. Is it weird that I’m really excited to be living on my own?


There’s a saying about it taking a village to raise a child. While I’m no longer a child (well, only a little), I certainly have a village of people who help take care of me, and I’m beyond grateful to them. My friends Marc and Louise have let me stay with them for the last 6 months while I got my shit together and found a new place to live. They are truly the best friends (family) anyone could ever ask for. THANK YOU.

Also, my folks for helping me move, which is never an easy task. They found me a fridge, hired a truck, and lugged all of my stuff up a flight of stairs. Best. Parents. Ever.

Having my own kitchen. I can cook stupid things (I have a recipe for deep-fried coke – who dares me?), whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s fantastic.


What I’ve been thinking about

Rocky Road. Who know that the ingredients for rocky road were such a contentious issue? So far the consensus is: No nuts, yes to marshmallows, gummy things and cherries, maybe for biscuit. Fancy rocky road is an entirely different thing, of which fresh cherries and raspberries and pistachios seem to be the go. Edible glitter is always acceptable. Now you know.

Being single again. After 3 years, it wasn’t working for us. And that’s ok and I’m ok. There’s absolutely no bad blood (we joke about being really bad at break ups, we like each other too much to get angry), and we are still friends. Now, I get to focus on the important things, like not wearing pants around the house and sleeping in the middle of the bed.

What I’m excited for:

September is an excellent month for me, and I’m pretty keen to dive into it!

My friend Bryton is hosting a Harry Potter Party. I have robes, glasses, a wand and an owl. EXCITED MUCH?! Seriously, you should have seen me when the robes came. There was a lot of jumping up and down and clapping like a seal. I’m a child.


I’m off to Brisbane for Eat Drink Blog later this month, with is pretty damn exciting! Not only do I get to catch up with many of the gorgeous bloggers that I met, but didn’t get to spend a lot of time with last year, but I actually get to sit back and enjoy the conference. I’ve also never been to Brisbane before, and there’s nothing I love more than getting to play tourist.

On my way to Brisbane, I’m stopping off in Melbourne for 24 hours to visit my gorgeous friend Natalie, and to eat a lot of doughnuts under the guise of “research”. Natalie is one of my most treasured friends, who gives the best advice, so getting to give her lots of hugs is always something I look forward to

And finally, it’s my birthday (one ridiculous birthday cake recipe, coming up!) to wrap it all up. I’m thinking about a dinner at The Old Crow with friends, and then a family dinner. Suggestions?

What I’ve been doing

Inspecting homes. Stressing. Moving.

The gorgeous team from Studio Bomba let me run a blogging workshop in August, which was insane. So much fun and only a tiny bit scary! I talked about all the things I’ve learned from you guys over the years, and it felt really good. Like, I knew what I was talking about. That is a strange concept to me. But I’d do it again tomorrow.


Watching: Criminal Minds (I heart Spencer Reid), Guardians of the Galaxy (Is anyone else confused by Andy Dwyer getting hot?!)

Listening to: Sassy women pop music. I wish I could blame this on the break up, but I really really love cheesy pop music, and I make zero apologies for it. So yes, I’m dancing in my kitchen to Shake It Off, Bang Bang, Chandelier, Can’t Rely On You and Come Get It Bae (Pharell isn’t a woman, I know, but it fits the playlist)

What I’ve been reading

This Buzzfeed list – I know it’s not real reading, but if you love Parks and Rec as much as I do, you’ll be in stitches.


What I’ve been spending money on

Ohmygod, So. Much. Ikea.

Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs at Sprolo in South Perth. So, so so so so so good.


And sammiches from Toastface Grillah, because comfort food. The steak one is hands down my favourite, and if you haven’t been, go. Now. Right Now.


So, tell me about YOUR month. Has it been good? Has it been rough? What are you celebrating?