What I Love | Woman Crush Wednesday

The Internet is a both a blessing and a curse. So often I have days where I end up infuriated, heartbroken and frustrated by the goings on that it’s all I can do to turn off my phone and put it away, rather than throw it into the ocean, never to be seen again.

And then there are days where I scroll through my various social media channels and are met with post after post of little fist bump moments, which makes everything seem possible. Creating beautiful or delicious things, righting wrongs, teaching others or just generally kicking ass and taking names, I’m pretty excited by the amazing work of so many others.

So today, we’re striking out and doing a #womancrushwednesday – a tribute to a bunch of ladies who do work I can’t get enough of. Some I know, some I stalk from afar don’t, but all are women worth knowing.

This Little Pig Went To Market


The women from This Little Pig Went To Market (sisters Katherine Jess) are here to save your life. Well, kind of.

With life getting busier and busier, This Little Pig makes life just that little bit easier, by delivering simple, good-for-you meal kits to your door that are, most importantly, bloody delicious. Delivered Saturday and Wednesday, and come loaded with gorgeous fresh produce from suppliers like Torres Butchers, Noodle Forum, Duck Duck Mother Goose and Subi Farmers Market. Everything you need (minus a splash of oil here and there) comes in the box, from marinated meats to dressing to finish the dish. All you have to do is throw it all together (with the funny and adorable instructions clearly laid out for you), and nothing takes longer than 40 minutes. The girls are passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and kind – generally all-round lovely humans.

Katie Willcox


A friend pointed me to Katie Willcox’s movement after a particularly bad day (buying jeans is torture, I swear). In the lead up to bikini body/summer workouts/blah blah blah season, it might be worth checking in from time to time to remind yourself that yes, you are beautiful, worthy, and fucking badass, no matter what you look like. With 86 thousand followers on Instagram, I’m thrilled that her message is getting across to girls (and women) everywhere.

Iron Chef Shellie


Shellie Froidevaux has an unknown (to her) superpower: to turn me into a starving, drooling mess in about 3 seconds. Don’t believe me? Take a look at her incredible food photography for yourself. Warm, colourful and 100% delicious. Plus, her website is gold – Salted caramel tart, anyone? Don’t pretend you wouldn’t. Oh, and if you’re on Twitter, she regularly live tweets If You Are The One. Hilarious.

Tiah Eckhardt-Delaney


You probably know Tiah without knowing exactly why you know her. Tiah is the face of Berlei, Frank Body, Wheels and Dollbaby, Honey Birdette and Dita Von Teese and looks like a completely different person every single time, running the gauntlet of girl-next door to full scale minx, from high fashion to Helmut Newton-inspired dream.

She has wealth of experience in the fashion to shoot down any misconceptions about the industry, she doesn’t shy away from either how ridiculous it can be, but also how hard she and others work. She’s perfectly placed to call out the ridiculous double standards when it comes to women, beauty standards, nudity and sexuality.

But what I probably love most about Tiah is that there is straight up and down ZERO bullshit. She’s tough, fiery, honest, funny, and a massive dork. Plus, she’s from Rockingham, so you know she’s completely unfuckwithable.

She’s coming back to town as the face of the Telstra Fashion Festival in September, and you can follow her in Instagram here (milly NSFW).

Pixel Coffee


Oh, Pixel. You’re an Instagram lover’s dream, with your white and mint tiles, adorable cups, copper details and COLD BREW ON TAP.

Pixel strikes the perfect balance between dishes that are good for you, with gorgeous bits to treat yourself with. But it’s the cake that has my heart (as always), and oh, how I love those cakes.

In a world where cakes are increasingly inspired by Katherine Sabbath or Unbirthday Bakery (and there’s nothing wrong with that, I take inspiration from those ladies), I love Pixel’s simpler, but no less beautiful offerings. It inspires me to life my day-to-day cakes to a higher standard (and the team at work could not be happier).

Go. Eat. Be happy.

K Gets Organised


You’ve probably seen me talk about Kelsie before – but buckle in, I’m going to do it again.

As someone who still has trouble colouring in the lines at 28, I’m always completely and utterly in awe of anyone with artistic talent. Kelsie has this in spades. I mean, she paints doughnuts on stationery, OF COURSE I’m completely on board for this. She’s so talented and makes the most beautiful things (see my Hole Foods logo – yup, that’s her work too).

PLUS: I’m giving away some of her lovely goods! YOU CAN WIN THINGS! I have a little bundle of gorgeous things worth over $60, including cards, notepads and the ‘Let’s Do This’ case (my favourite!). Just tell me in the comments what’s on your to do list, and a winner will be drawn on 5 August!

So, tell me: who is inspiring you lately?

All images from their respective Instagrams.

10 thoughts on “What I Love | Woman Crush Wednesday

  1. Nicki B says:

    On my to-do list:

    Prep slides for conference in Sept
    Contact gallery who want to exhibit my art (squeeeee!)
    Survive working week

  2. Katsy says:

    Learn to make gnocchi from scratch. Donate blood. Volunteer at the dog refuge without trying to smuggle them home under my clothes and/or handbag. And the huge pile of laundry that’s slowly taking over my bedroom like The Blob.
    And missy moo – YOU are inspiring me lately! Seriously, your awesomeness is palpable. I want to palp it.

  3. To do list NEVER ENDS!! Buy all the puppies/kittens – puppens? Eat some chocolate. Stay warm and dry. Drink coffee. That’s pretty much my list.

  4. Oh lordy, what’s on my list?
    1. Write my book. It’s been the top of my list for a long time. One day, I might finish it.
    2. Write more. Write letters to people I love, write more stories, write better lists
    3. Read all of the books in my enormous ‘To Read’ pile
    4. Learn to play the ukulele and serenade all my friends.
    5. Buy ear plugs for said friends when I realise I can’t read music (or play the ukelele probably)

  5. kristablanks says:

    Well I can literally copy this out of my notes on my phone and it’s all really boring… I’m sure putting it on pretty note paper would make it more exciting? Maybe? Just a lil bit?

    DIY Jewellry holder
    Do tax return
    And then book Bali holiday!
    Re-laminate bathroom and kitchen cupboards
    Paint bathroom ceiling
    Put up garage shelving
    Install extra power points
    Do something, anything, about the lighting on the back patio
    Change all of the house lights to energy efficient environmentally friendly globes

  6. kristablanks says:

    Oh dear, my to do list is so boring and involves mostly house renovations but I’m sure if it was written on cute stationery it would be more exciting? Right? Maybe just a lil bit??

    DIY Jewellry holder.
    Do le tax return…
    And then book Bali holiday!
    Re-laminate bathroom and kitchen.
    Paint bathroom ceiling.
    Put up some garage shelving.
    Install extra power points.
    Do something, anything, about the lighting on the back patio.
    Also change all house lights to energy efficient earth loving globes.
    And reeeeelax!

  7. rachsharkie says:

    My to-do list includes
    Ringing the bank (vomit)
    Ringing the car finance people (double vomit)
    Make a cake (yeehaw!)

  8. Rachel says:

    Not sure if my first comment worked so here I am again.
    My to-do list includes
    Ringing the bank (vomit)
    Ringing the car finance people(double vomit)
    Baking a cake! (Yeehaw!)

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